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Topic: «Radmin server connection» on forum: Network management general discussion
08/22/2011 07:59:17
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Robert, thanks for your reply.

I think it is Hamachi as mentioned in the stick thread, is not it?

08/22/2011 02:57:54
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hey Guys
thank you very much for your help
you are really very helpful!

Stacey Cline , I appreciate it: email :

Eugene Idzikovsky , it is
"How to establish the connection outside of LAN" to be more specific.
because I searched : "How to connect without an external address" did not find results.

thank guys
08/15/2011 09:35:44
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thanks for trying help out. but I needed another solution
I tried to make myself clear. I repeat that my friend has nothing with computers

he knows only to power the pc!! use facebook , access Microsoft Office and that's all.

he got very basic knowledge.

I do believe that there is something to do with this.
08/14/2011 03:38:19
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hey all,

As I know that if I want to connect to another pc which has the server installed on it.
I should forward the port 4899 to a specific ip of that desired pc!

so what I have to do is to access the default gateway and configure the port to be forwarded!

that sounds great if client and server are under same network!! (under same connection/router) and one does all and knows how to forward!
what about If I want access my friend's pc in USA ? or in any country
and he has a router and does not know how to forward and he has no idea about computers/networking?
Is there an easier way to access my friend's pc without port forwarding?

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Topic: «Radmin behind router., Radmin behind router.» on forum: Network management general discussion
03/03/2009 18:31:53
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Paul I do have two questions,,
am not sure about the right place to ask,,
my questions will sound like strange qs but i have to ask.

1-Is there a "way" to make server run in silent mode.
to make it clearly. to run the radmin server with double click and thats all,, to run it once and forever as any process in task manager with a username and password that i specify?

2-Is there a "way" to remote my friend's computer without his knowledge,, which means that he knows am inside his pc but he does not see what am doing in his pc.. when moving a mouse,, or typing in keyboard while am in his pc.

thanks .
03/03/2009 15:21:36
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well done.. Paul
finally it has been done.
thank you very much.
actually for first time i used Hamachi,,
but then i portforward,, it worked.

its weird that did not work before.
i wanted to upload pictures to let users see how i've done but i have no hosting.

03/02/2009 11:26:11
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TekServer thank you very much...
thanks again.
03/02/2009 08:18:29
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TekServer:) thanks for your.... lets say for your intervention and help:)

you were very helpful but strike in your words:)
its easy to say things but sometimes its hard to implement them.

by the way i liked you words that "you would throw
$0.02 worh in"
actually its not about money at all:)
its about knowledgment and staff..
the number 0.02 let me re memorize lot of things ,,
one of them about my first Class in the garden about how to convert numbers from decimal to binary numbers after division by 2 ...etc..

TekServer,, what i've got from your say above..
is a solution by 3 ways:
1-using PingPlotter program to see how packet goes from pc to another or from the isp to our pcs.
and am lost in this major because i have no idea about using this program.

2- changing the desktop resolution and here comes the question
you mean Screen Resolution from Display Properties?
or the DPI settings from advanced tab.

3-with regards to the anti-virus,, both pcs have Avira but lets say that's not the reason. because if am not wrong i disabled them before connecting with Radmin.

4-with regards to the windows-firewall,,
i assume that if you really "just saw your conversation "
you would see my answer in the third reply.
",, actually i sat both of them as off so it would be easier beside setting new ports. "

thanks again TekServer and PaulB.
i'll keep trying.

Maximum,PaulB if you would agree i'll let you connect to my pcs with Radmin or whatever ...and help me online so it would be cool, sure if u have enough time to do so.

thanks alot.
03/01/2009 13:43:06
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First,, Really I would like to thank you Paul.
you are very helpful guy and deserve a honor degree..
its hard nowadays to find people who r ready to help others.

second,, actually i was trying to control my friend's pc from pc.. from my house.. he does not understand those things,, so am going tomorrow to visit him and see things in real,, and will update you with everything,,

thanks again.
03/01/2009 11:39:13
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Hey Paul,,
Actually i succeed to see only picture 1
it says that's connecting,, and then the program (Radmin) get stuck.(not responding)

03/01/2009 10:06:01
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Hey paul..
first of all,,thank you for your reply.
second,, actually i sat both of them as off so it would be easier beside setting new ports.
03/01/2009 01:53:21
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Hey all,,
1)Have Edimax router.
2)Have 2 pcs.
3)Wireless Connection.
4)Windows XP at each pc.

even i portforward 4899 from router's properties,,
it does not connect.

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