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Where is Remote Printing feature?
Wow - just popped in here for kicks.

I originally asked about remote printing back in July of '06 (and was told at first that it would be in Radmin 3.0)

Well, now it's Dec. of '07 and it seems they have not been able to get it in there yet??? I see there's a v3.1 now - still no printing. Oh well...

I'll check in again in another year or two. :)
Where is Remote Printing feature?
It was the only thing that I was even interested in for V3.
That is why I asked about it in the first post of this thread back in July of 06.

However, I have since moved over to "Remotely Anywhere" which has had remote printing that works fantastic for a long time now.

I'm just glad I did not ***** my time waiting for V3 based on the empty promise they gave in response to my question.

I'll not say much more. Those of you who have followed this at all already know too well what kind of company they are dealing with here. Nothing that I could possibly say at this point could make any difference.
"Full release is expected in July-August, 2006. "
He said October. He did not specify a year.

Relax already!

Just because they did not make it for October of this year does not mean they can not get it ready by October of next year - or the year after that. You people have NO patience!
Where is Remote Printing feature?
Thank you.
Where is Remote Printing feature?
Your answer is confusing.

Will this feature be in the final release version 3?
A simple yes or no will do.
Where is Remote Printing feature?
The news must be pretty bad if you choose to just ignore this question.
Where is Remote Printing feature?
Hello? Famatech?? Anyone home?
Where is Remote Printing feature?
Are there still plans to add the remote printing feature into Radmin 3?

Or have you given up on that feature?
Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
I will not be upgrading the computers in my company until the hide icon option is put back in.

Well, they are not putting it back in, so you might as well move on.
Radmin 3 Servernot ready yet!!
Of course it's not ready. Not even close. What you have is a beta that is all but useless because it is missing MAJOR promised features. No way to beta test missing features. It also reveals just how long it will be before there exists a final product with all promised features. -Never-, would be my guess.

I moved away from Radmin a long time ago. I come here for entertainment. I do feel sorry for those of you who are still hanging with this company after what they have demonstrated over this last 4 or 5 years. The writing has been on the wall for quite a long time. Famatech should be ashamed of what they are doing to those few die-hard fans that they have left - dragging them through this ridiculous beta of a prduct that will likely never be complete.
Questions of impropriety, Post questions and answers here about the status of the Beta release
All I wanted was the remote printing feature.
It was promised for V3 when I asked about it.
It still is not here. I guess they have not had enough time yet to implement it.
Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
Ask your developers when remote printing might be added.
Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues

But what does that mean???

Future update to v3 before final release?
Future update meaning v3.1 (in 5 years)?
Future update meaning v4 (in 20 years)?

I want a statement from Famatech on this issue.
I was told a year ago that this feature would be in v3. Now I would like a cairification.

Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
No remote printing feature???
Are you serious???

Famatech - can you please explain what happened to this promised v3 feature?

Hello? Famatech?
Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
No remote printing feature???
Are you serious???

Famatech - can you please explain what happened to this promised v3 feature?
Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
Can you tell me if the new version has a remote printing feature?
I was told it would be in v3
[ Closed] Remote admin Server 3, Release Date
"RAdmin 2.2 is still a great product, even if we've been waiting for 3.0 over a year now."

How do you handle remote printing?
Version 3 questions

Is any support for Remote to Local printing included in version3?

Yes, Radmin Server 3.0 will have this feature.

Is this feature working in your current internal beta of 3.0 server?

[ Closed] Dwelling on the 3.0 Server Release, Never Going to Happen
re: "Remotely Anywhere"
Overall I am quite impressed by it.

Me too. And the remote printing in Remotely Anywhere works very well.

Jim H.
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