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Topic: «Remote regedit» on forum: Free Network Utilities by Famatech
02/20/2005 13:16:56
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thanx Pat for the information...can you plz attach an example on how to run a scheduled task using telnet
02/07/2005 10:55:31
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Thanks for the info...the OS is xp SP2...the client is not on a router..he has direct connection to the internet...I can use the telnet function on radmin however it will not allow me to run any bat files or any addtion the regedit /s function is not working on seems that radmin telnet does not have that function build ito it..from your reply I understand that the client pc has to havea vpn server on it...but that is not possible...any ideas?????
02/05/2005 17:31:16
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I would like to know if there is a way to be able to edit the registry on remote client via IP...the remote client is not on the network..but have Radmin installed on it..please let me know if I edit the registry via telnet connection[B]
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