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Topic: «I want to have it start in Scaled screen., I want to have it start in Scaled screen.» on forum: Network management general discussion
03/06/2009 11:06:47
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As someone who prefers to automate things I wholly agree that wanting to start via the command line is a reasonable request. For example using a shortcut to go directly to a session on a specific machine is handy either for speed of access of if you have a large phonebook.

And yes you can do that. There isn't quite the same degree of configuration as a phonebook entry but there's plenty to play with.

I'm not sure what the OP means by "scaled" (and it's an old post - not sure what version this post originally related to) but you can set the command-line switches for normal or for full screen.

If you read the Viewer help file you will see a full list of available switches.
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Topic: «Radmin behind router., Radmin behind router.» on forum: Network management general discussion
03/04/2009 15:03:18
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TekServer wrote:

Whatever your particular situation and personal code of ethics may be, you must decide on such things yourself.
Absolutely. Doesn't make me any less curious though ;)

Ultimately I'm not going to knowingly compromise my own ethics and neither am I going to do that unwittingly by turning a blind eye to the possibility of such a situation.

But there may be perfectly sensible reasons and motive behind such actions; hence my curiosity :). It may also be that there are more appropriate ways to achieve those ends, were they to be made clear.

But back to those original questions; I'm surprised there isn't a no-tray option by default anyway. Or at least the ability to set it in the msi configurator.
03/04/2009 05:57:58
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Why would you want to do these things on a friend's computer?
03/03/2009 16:14:47
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Hey Muhamad - good news :)

Nice work, and thanks for letting us know how you got on 8)
03/02/2009 16:22:34
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Hi Muhamad

How are you getting on? I think the point made by TekServer originally is that there are many different reasons why you might be seeing the errors that you do.

The thing is not to be overwhelmed by them, and just try to resolve and exclude things one at a time.

For example, we have both mentioned Windows firewall. Although you turned this off, it can get reactivated, so it's something that is worth checking again. If you are happy that it is definitely off then move on to the next thing on the list.

Eventually you may find that you can narrow down and then solve the cause of your problem. Keep us informed :)
03/01/2009 17:26:45
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TekServer - thanks for the welcome, and for your two penn'th, as we say on t'other side of the pond :)

My background is very much in applications, so it's always good to get a bit more background on the black art of networking ;) Real Radmin experience is quite limited and a lot is gleaned from from my own experimentation and as mentioned above from having a look at the various issues that other people have.

Where people are setting up first-time I tend to focus on the obvious; firewall, router etc. and take it from there. But without detailed Radmin knowledge all I can do is make "sensible" suggestions based on my general IT and apps knowledge. So then as you say on top of that there may be the more esoteric problems.

Interesting comments on wallpaper / screen resolution and also on Symantec et al. It's these sorts of things that are learnt by experience. It would be nice if Famatech could develop a more extensive KB on this sort of stuff.

I'll have a play with pingplotter - sounds useful !

Muhamad - you've got plenty of advice here to keep you going for a while - hope you get things sorted 8)
03/01/2009 15:11:21
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Thank you. I'm just a Radmin user like you; I learn a lot from trying to understand some of the Radmin problems that other people have, so it helps me too.

I've been trying to recreate your problem - where you only see message (1). I did manage to do it when I blocked Radmin Server at the firewall. So the router was forwarding okay but the firewall stopped communication.

So it might be worth double-checking that the firewall (Windows and any other firewall) is definitely either off or allowing Radmin Server.

Good luck ;)
03/01/2009 12:38:59
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Is there anything in your Radmin Server log?
03/01/2009 11:20:18
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Okay - if you're behind a firewall-router then turning off the software firewall makes it easier for now.

Can you ping the server from the client?

And do you see either of the message boxes below when you try and connect?



If you see (1) followed by (2) then it suggests to me that the problem is at the Server end. The Viewer can "see" the server and then tries to connect (1) but then it fails to connect (2). I think this is the most likely scenario.

If you only see (2) it suggests that the Viewer cannot access the internet - it doesn't even "see" the server.

If you don't see either it suggests that there's a problem with the Viewer installation. This is probably unlikely.
03/01/2009 06:39:48
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Hi Muhamad

Have you configured your firewalls on each PC - to allow Radmin Server at one end and Radmin Viewer at the other end?
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