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04/06/2010 19:52:24
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Actually, I think that's a fair question. I wasn't so hip on Aero at first, but it's definitely grown on me.

I like it because on my remote PC (typically running Outlook and Vmware w/ 3 virtual machines, and other s/w) I can check email without maximizing Outlook, and I can hover over the Vmware taskbar icon and see preview windows for all three virtual machines, and then select the one I want to open...I like that better than maximizing Vmware, then selecting the tab of the VM from within Vmware.

I guess what I like most about it is the previewing ability without clicking. I now find myself missing not having it on my old IBM x40 Thinkpad (video chipset not supported).
04/06/2010 05:45:46
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I've put Radmin on the back burner until until the minimize button gets added (not holding my breath though, been waiting over a year). To be honest, I've gone back to using remote desktop in win7 and pretty happy with it.

Remote Desktop doesn't span and scroll the screen (remote is multi-monitor) like Radmin, but it does have Aero which I actually find myself using a lot.
01/02/2010 18:52:52
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Thanks Eugene!
12/24/2009 23:07:40
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F12 does not minimize, it only cycles through the different views (i.e. normal, stretch, full screen, etc.). I hate to compare Radmin to Windows Remote Desktop (Radmin is way better imo), but Remote Desktop does have a convenient minimize button on its toolbar. If I recall correctly, remote desktop uses the basic windows' buttons, minimize, maximize, and close.

It seems like Radmin should have these "basic" windows buttons available on its toolbar as well, no?

I feel like I'm missing something here, like this function was intentionally left out for security reasons or something.
12/18/2009 20:03:36
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Ok, well I waited 9 months and the minimize button is still conspicuously missing.

Is there a shortcut key combination that is able to minimize the remote session? This is driving me crazy.

03/27/2009 23:32:43
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Yes, I agree, this is a VERY basic function that is missing. With Radmin it appears you have to disconnect and reconnect every time you want to access a remote PC? Or, change from Full Screen mode to Normal Mode then minimize, hmm.

Add to this you can't save passwords for fast access (well I guess you can download some guys program as a hack for this limitation) and you have two extremely basic functions missing.

To me it seems like the programmers are focusing on a few people's requirements, rather than what the broader base of users actually want.
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12/18/2009 20:17:16
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You are awesome! Your software is still working with Radmin 3.4, you just need to change the install path during installation.

If Famatech won't listen at least YOU will!!
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