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Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
Actually, I think that's a fair question. I wasn't so hip on Aero at first, but it's definitely grown on me.

I like it because on my remote PC (typically running Outlook and Vmware w/ 3 virtual machines, and other s/w) I can check email without maximizing Outlook, and I can hover over the Vmware taskbar icon and see preview windows for all three virtual machines, and then select the one I want to open...I like that better than maximizing Vmware, then selecting the tab of the VM from within Vmware.

I guess what I like most about it is the previewing ability without clicking. I now find myself missing not having it on my old IBM x40 Thinkpad (video chipset not supported).
Edited: Jim Rogers - 06.04.2010 19:53:52
Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
I've put Radmin on the back burner until until the minimize button gets added (not holding my breath though, been waiting over a year). To be honest, I've gone back to using remote desktop in win7 and pretty happy with it.

Remote Desktop doesn't span and scroll the screen (remote is multi-monitor) like Radmin, but it does have Aero which I actually find myself using a lot.
Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
Thanks Eugene!
Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
F12 does not minimize, it only cycles through the different views (i.e. normal, stretch, full screen, etc.). I hate to compare Radmin to Windows Remote Desktop (Radmin is way better imo), but Remote Desktop does have a convenient minimize button on its toolbar. If I recall correctly, remote desktop uses the basic windows' buttons, minimize, maximize, and close.

It seems like Radmin should have these "basic" windows buttons available on its toolbar as well, no?

I feel like I'm missing something here, like this function was intentionally left out for security reasons or something.
Automatic logins (a.k.a. Save Password): solution

You are awesome! Your software is still working with Radmin 3.4, you just need to change the install path during installation.

If Famatech won't listen at least YOU will!!
Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
Ok, well I waited 9 months and the minimize button is still conspicuously missing.

Is there a shortcut key combination that is able to minimize the remote session? This is driving me crazy.

Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
Yes, I agree, this is a VERY basic function that is missing. With Radmin it appears you have to disconnect and reconnect every time you want to access a remote PC? Or, change from Full Screen mode to Normal Mode then minimize, hmm.

Add to this you can't save passwords for fast access (well I guess you can download some guys program as a hack for this limitation) and you have two extremely basic functions missing.

To me it seems like the programmers are focusing on a few people's requirements, rather than what the broader base of users actually want.
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