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Topic: «Does Radmin work on private IPs?» on forum: Network management general discussion
03/18/2005 02:10:44
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I am not sure if i got u right. I am not also an advanced network administrator but i wish to solve this problem myself and of course, with your help.

our network setup is like this:
router->linux server -> pc1
-> pc2
-> pc3 ...etc.

Now, as i understand your post, our linux server must be the intermidiate host. Does Radmin works on Linux? I prefer to have the "Connect thru host" solution.

03/13/2005 21:15:45
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I wonder if this is possible to use radmin. We have linux LAN server. such that, linux is the only machine that has public IP and is visible to internet. All other PCs have PRIVATE IPs. This is a recommended set-up since this is more secured from hackers. Now, is it possible that we can access some of our PCs using RADMIN? HOW? Please give me feedback soon.

As I have stated above, Linux PC is our gateway PC. As I search the forum, everything will be done thru Port Forwarding. Is the port forwarding be done on the router or on the gateway PC? What is the best way to do it? Do I have to map all IPs and associate it with specific port on router?

Please help me on this.

Thanks In Advance,
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