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Topic: «Wishes for Radmin- File Transfer, What I would like in File Transfer» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
04/17/2009 19:03:58
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1. This should be easy. Put the speed of the transfer on the window while its transfering files.

2. Change so that you can tell where your transfering from/to. Either Drag and Drop or put an arrow <- or -> in the menu selection. Or better yet put an button with icon in the window with <- -> so you know which way you are transfering the selected files. (Keep it simple)

3. I hate that there is no way to compare files so you can tell which ones are newer on both sides (Pcanywhere has had this feature since the DOS days).
If you don't want to add in a compare, than change the file transfer to use true FTP. Then at least we can use a program like Beyond Compare to compare folders.

Hope everyone agrees.
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