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Topic: «Access without port forwarding» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
06/02/2009 22:52:14
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I have been using Radmin since 1.0, and I have always liked it above all others. The one drawback is the need for the port forwarding that has been successfully avoided in other inferior products. By inferior I mean slower, since they do have a method where a client can click on a website link, install the server and be helped without talking them through forwarding ports and getting their public ip. Please check out the Bomgar box, this is a nice solution, but also ultravnc, gotomypc, and webex can do it, why can't Radmin. If you have to make security or speed concessions, then so be it, release a different product called wradmin or something. Making it work with the same viewer would be good though. Some of my wireless clients are on a network WITHIN a private (10.10.10.x)network, so port forwarding is impossible.

You guys are way ahead of the curve on speed, but a little behind in this area.
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