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Backwards compatble?
Not complete new of course, just a preview of the new great chat functions of the final release of radmin 3 :)
Backwards compatble?
Radmin Communication Client can connect to Radmin Server v3.0 and Radmin Communication Server

Radmin Communication Server can accept connections from Radmin Communication Client and Radmin Viewer v3.0

When I try to connect with radmin viewer 3.0 to server CS, nothing happens.
Backwards compatble?
Admin was first :)
Backwards compatble?
There are only 2 functions avaible (chat and voice) in this client. So then it's normal that server 2.1 won't work, isn't it?

How do I chat with an other pc
The design is perfect, but i thought it was possible to simply connect to a pc on which server is installed. And on that pc a popup dialog showed up with the text message you send (in case of chat)

Is this only during the 'CS period' or will it be also in this way on the official release of radmin3 server.
How do I chat with an other pc
Yes, then it works.

But now you have in orde to connect to connect to a computer and that computer has to connect to itself too.

That's not very useful is it?
How do I chat with an other pc
Hi, i've installed server and client on 2 pcs

When I connect to the other pc, and typ some words. Nothing shows up on the other pc

If I use the client twice, we are in the same channel, but we cant send messages

How do we send messages to each other.

Excuse for poor English.

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