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Topic: «#1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button, #1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
08/09/2009 09:03:34
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Dual Monitor almost works now. I have both server and remote operating with extended (2 monitor) screens, where the sreen resolutions on the server and remote match (i.e. 1=1, and 2=2).
I go to NORMAL VIEW and stretch the window across both monitors on the remote machine. It mostly works.
But in NORMAL VIEW, you cannot fully get the whole screen, so there remains a small bit of panning action.
I'd like another button that works like FULL SCREEN VIEW, (maybe 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW) that would map the "extened" (multi-monitor) screen on a server , to the extended (multiple monitor) screen on the remote. I don't want to bust the current FULL SCREEN button, because I often like it to just fill one monitor. There really needs to be another button.
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