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Remote Viewer 3 BETA -> multiple monitors support?
It was meant the RAdmin server and client, not the RAdmin communication server.
Radmin for PDAs?
This is a request I posted several years ago, when the first verision of RAdmin came up. I am happy to see that it is planned to be released. The RAdmin client does seem a handy tool to have in a PocketPC. Congrats on the decision to finally implement it.


Feature Request, File Transfer Resume
I was not refering to RCS, but Radmin itself. I often use the RAdmin Viewer Beta 3.0 and that's the one whose message above reffers to (after all isn't this the Beta Testing forum? (not necessarily RCS specific).

In any event, using RAdmin Viewer 3.0 beta I have never seen the "Resume" option you reffer to. I just tried with RAdmin Viewer 2.2 and the resume option did not show up as well (In fact I have just tried with RAdmin Viewer 2.2 (server is 2.2) and only "Yes", "Yes to All", "No" and "No to All" showed up in the "replace file" pop up that came in when I attempt to resume a file transfer that I halted for testing purposes). No 'Resume' option was available and in fact the transfer did restart from scratch once I selected the "Yes" button in the pop up mentioned herein.

Could you please elaborate on the "Resume" feature you reffer to? I use RAdmin server 2.2 and viewer both 3.0 beta and 2.2.

Last but not least I'd like to add that RAdmin has been extremely useful to me. I use it very often to access/control my computer at work from home and vice versa, when file transfers are rather frequent.

Keep up the good work!

Feature Request, File Transfer Resume
When I am transfering a large file and for some reason the transfer is halted it would be nice to be able to resume the download. The protocl could roll back a few kb to ensure stability of the file and then resume the download from that point onwards. I'd guess that this feature would be useful for others as well.
Feature Request, Available Servers and "Connect Through Host" Servers
I am sorry if this has been suggested before, but just in case it has not:

I often use RADmin's (RAdmin Viewer 3.0 Beta) "scan for active RAdmin servers in this folder" button to check which systems are available. It happens, however the servers which are set to "Connect Through Host" do not show up as being available. I often need to connect to the server through which the others are accessibel so that I can see which ones are in fact available. So, considering all this it would be rather useful for RAdmin Viewer to actually disclose all systems which are in fact available, i.e. also including those available through the "connect through host" feature.

I hope the suggestion above is clear enough, if it is not please let me know and I'll try to explain it better.

As usual:

Keep up the good work!
All is great but...
It took me half an hour to get RAdmin CS set up and working. So I don't exactly find it intuitive. Skype took me 5 minutes to install and start talking to others.

Do remember that Skype accesses a server which is already installed in a given location in the World, while for a more private setup, such as RCS/RCC you need to install both the client and the server, which makes it, indeed, a slightly more complicated task. Once a server is configured in your enterprise, however, users only need to install the client. That brings me to a "Feature Request".

It would be nice to be allowed to customize the installation package, perhaps through a small config file, which would contain the local settings, i.e. in which system and port the local server is configured. That info could be used by the RCC installation utility for a more intuitive install by users (they would not need to set up where the server is located, etc.). I believe this would greatly simplify the deployment of RCC in a company.

With regard to voice quality and delays we should indeed await the final release, but if I did understand right RCS/RCC uses some sort of cryptography for added security in the communication in the enterprise level. Cryptography, depending on the algorithm employed, would explain some of the delay you mention, as the audio is not simply captured, compressed and transmitted. It must also go through the cryptography stage. In a final release some algorithm more fit for real-time cryptography may get to be used, also some audio coder which provides better quality, etc. So, as disclosed above by G. Petrov quality-wise issues should be compared in the final release (or last betas prior to release). At this early stage I'd guess that mostly functionality issues are being sought for.

Backwards compatble?
INdeed. A PocketPC client is something I have asked for many years now :) It'd be an outstanding addition. I am patient tough, hearing that it is in the planning for the future is already better than the previous statments :) Keep up th egood work!
Feature Requests, For suveilance application of Famatech products.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First let me disclose one use I make of Remote Administrator along with a public-grade IM application. I use RAdmin to both access systems from my lab remotelly as well as for eventual surveillance of the lab environment. as of today I use a third party IM to keep on broadcasting video from a system which I often configure remotely with RAdmin. Such IM is set to auto-accept requests of video streaming from my IM client, so that I can actually see the environment without having to always connect there to "accept" a connection. For a while now I am expecting to have similar procedure to receive audio from the environment.

So, with all that in mind I'd have a couple feature requests for the RCS+RCC pair, as follows:
1- Please do consider to eventually add video streaming support. That would allow a greatly complete communication among all parties of a given meeting. H263, H263+, H263++, H26L or even H264 would be good streaming protocols which could be chosen.
2- It would be interesting to allow "auto-accept" connections. That allows one to leave a system ready to receive audio(and eventually video) connection requests from an environment which one wishes to keep track of automatically.

Last but not least. I'd like to congratulate Famatech on such a nice product. I have been fighting over public IMs in my lab, as those, other than allowing legitimate communication with other peers, also allow ***** of time with public in general. Using a product such as RCS+RCC would allow the first legitimate communication facilities without briging up the problems of the latter. Congrats on such a nice job!

Keep up the good work!

With Best Regards,

How do I chat with an other pc
Guys/Gals, You are missing the point here. The beta just released is a substituto to IMs such as ICQ/MSN but with the advantage that the server run in a system which is comtrolled by a given company. That is, the workers of such company can still enjoy the benefits of IMs in a enterprise level without both the spam from a global server as well as the extra security that messages are not sent outside of a given network (except if some client is outside of it, but it would still not go to a public server).

So, RAdmin as we know with versions 2.2 then 3.0 beta is one product for remote handling of a system while the new product RCS and RCC is a substitute for general IMs in a controlled enterprise level. So, please do get to know what you are actually testing so that we get to ask/reply on the pertinent topic :)

So, in the original topic of this thread the idea would be to have the server running in a given system in the enterprise and all clients connected through such server. If, however, one wishes to test the features using just two computers it can be done, as long as one of them act up as a server, but the real thing would be to have both connected through a dedicate (or not) server. A web server (or file server) in an enterprise could make up an excelent server for RCS wheer RCCs would connect through.

I do hope this helps to clears things up :)
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