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Topic: «Remote Viewer Quit after a reboot, I have used for years and just quit» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
09/10/2012 06:33:37
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I checked that and it is off. I have well my wife does a android tablet and it has splash on it and I can get into the desktop with it without having to go upstairs.
09/09/2012 19:04:19
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I have had Radmin for years started with 2.2 and upgraded to 3.4. I connect with in the LAN from XP laptop to a Vista Desktop. It worked great until this afternoon. I had a forced reboot and after that I can not connect to the desktop. I get "Cannot connect to the server". I had to replace the DSL modem a week ago but worked fine after that. I went into the modem and setup the port forwarding 4899 and put in that for all places(asked for LAN Port besides start and stop ports). I went through the posts since then and don't see a fix. I can't ping the desktop so don't know if I could before as never tried.

Any help would be great. The desktop is up in the Office on the 2nd floor and I am disabled so very hard for me to get up there that is why this is so important.

Thanks in Advance.
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