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Re-activation RAdmin - change hardware computer
I wanted to thank you for your help Vitaliy Lavrov.
The program already have a fully activated.
Mr. Vitaliy Lavrov in an e-mail, ask for an assessment of the level of support, but I do not know where is the poll: (

From this place, I wanted to thank him again for the help and solve the problem. If the scale of assessments is to give him 10 is the 10th full

Artur Chmielewski
Re-activation RAdmin - change hardware computer
Welcome. At the outset, I apologize for the level of English, but I'm using the translator program.

27-06-2010 I reported a problem with the activation of Radmin 3.4 due to the replacement of computer equipment and inability to activate Radmin. Was adopted as [TID: # 51122].
Yesterday I received e-mails me to describe what has changed in the computer and I installed the latest version.
I replied to this e-mails, I added a screenshot and an explanation.
Over two hours probably got EXACTLY the same e-mails, with the same content that I describe the problem and install the latest version of Radmin.

This time, wrote back to this e-mail as it is commonly accepted "the quote," just above the quote.

So far I did not receive any reply: (

Can someone from the helpdesk to resolve the matter and allow me to use Radmin?

Yours sincerely
Artur Chmielewski
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