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Iphone Client
Count me in..
Radmin Enterprise server? Databased RPB ?
Radmin Enterprise server? Databased RPB ?
Do they ? are there any 3rd party solutions?
Radmin Enterprise server? Databased RPB ?
Hi, Is there an intention of taking the unstable RPB ideal further to a database? If you have multiple helpdesk agents and they share a RPB then it can get in a mess if someone deletes or add's sites. Also you can't secure the RPB. It is a massive security risk. If the RPB was removed from site. There is no permissions to add or delete folders or connections. I suggest a enterprise server version! I would pay for it! :D Come on surley P and G / Coke / USAF don't really share a RPB.. Do they! :D
Features that would be helpfull in 3.0
can't you run a scheduled task to run a batch file running the shutdown command. Or fix the pc :D
** IDEA - Radmin Viewer - URL **
This isn't quite what i'm on about. :)

You have a list you can add new connections.
Right add new connection or folder. can we have add new url. So when you have the list of people you radmin into you can have a list under that site for urls.

RAdmin for PocketPC, RAdmin for PocketPC
I would love to have a WM5 / 6 Version of Radmin which can support a import of the rpb.
** IDEA - Radmin Viewer - URL **
This sounds very useful. :)

I think though i have not explained myself. In the Viewer list you can create new connections. For most techs this would have a list of sites. In the same way you right clikc and add new connection I would like right click and add URL. then you have a list of sites and URL's The URL's could hyperlink to a local intranet, router configaration pages etc etc etc :)
Central Management, Central Management of RA Server Settings
Well you can kinda of do this in a basic way in the logon script and importing registry settings. Not ideal but it may help you :)
** IDEA - Radmin Viewer - URL **
A nice an easy idea.

As you use radmin viewer for a list of sites etc can we have the ability to add a simple URL? Right click and add URL.
You could use this for alot of different uses.

This would be VERY useful.
little tightening up desired
Set everything logs etc as you want it, set the logs in a directory with admin only permissions, with no user ccess. Delete everything in the radmin directory except admdll.dll and r_server.exe. delete the program group to tidy up. In your group policies etc restriction software installation.

Radmin Viewer....
Any chance of a Radmin viewer for Windows Mobile 2003 SE Smartphone or Pocket PC Windows?

Keyboard-connect loosed ?
I've spotted this one as well.. deffo a issue with Beta 3.0 and not the 2.1 / 2.2 clients..
Nice website!
Nice job on the new website! looks miles better! :)
External Phonebook Editor, Request for a way to edit the client registry
Cheers Eric... This is a very good addition! :)
.Net Support Please, Title pretty much says it.
What are you tyrying to acheive? We have used radmin and VB6 using command line not 'nice' but it worked very well. The only thing you can't do is send the password.

Radmin remote session storage.
Thanks Fantasic!!

Now all we need is a basic helpdesk lol :) :)

Cheers :)
External Phonebook Editor, Request for a way to edit the client registry
I Agree This is now a "must have" "add on" for radmin!!!!!!!!!

Radmin remote session storage.
Is there a possiblity of a radmin 'database' of the regisitry entries for the remote connections. If you run any more than 2 pc to remote control, you have to set try and manage alot of connections. ???????

Centralised Radmin remote / chat entries?
Will the new comms server support a centralised 'database' to remote control and chat sesions? The current regisitry way is annoying in the fact if you have 2 or more support machines on a helpdesk you have to add the entry on each computer.

??? I think this is a important feature ??


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