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Topic: «unauthorized access, how safe are we from prying eyes» on forum: Network management general discussion
04/21/2010 23:16:49
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TekServer wrote:
If someone can gain administrative remote access to your machine, they could push an install of RAdmin to your machine. (There are scripts to do this for the older 2.2 version, and there's probably a similar mechanism for the newer versions as well.) Once RAdmin (Server) is installed then anyone with the password can access your machine.

Of course, if someone has administrative remote access to your machine, then an unauthorized RAdmin install is the least of your problems (they could install or delete pretty much anything at that point ... ).

thanks for the info. I am considerably less worried about RAdmin now :) How do I prevent someone from getting unauthorized administrative remote access to my machine though? Is there any safeguards I could implement?
04/17/2010 18:44:37
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In order for someone to use radmin to view/control/access My PC would I absolutely need to install some kind of radmin software for them to be able to do it? or can they view/control/access it even if I do not have any form of radmin installed but they do? Thanks
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