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RAdmin 3.3 Automated Installation, VBS Script to install RAdmin Server 3.3
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
Please DO NOT use activated Radmin in images. Radmin activation is hardware-bound and we advice you using Radmin trial version on images and then activating it after the deployment to avoid this kind of issue.


We have several thousand machines that we image every year; it is not practicable to activate them all by hand.

Also you can use a preconfigured .msi with your license key in order to mass deploy Radmin.

Or, I can create a script that is part of the deployment, and that utilizes built in features of the application, and runs silently so that it doesn't require user interaction. My way seems easier.
How to add permissions to mass Radmin Servers
Although, ideally, you would have an RAdmin group that you added the other group to. That's just good practice.
RAdmin 3.3 Automated Installation, VBS Script to install RAdmin Server 3.3
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
v3.0 -> shared -> parameters -> xferparam -> 1

Thank you for the reply; I was able to find that with some digging. Somewhat curious that it was decided to leave the license key in the registry even after an uninstall. An uninstall should remove all elements of an application from the system; I shouldn't have to be rooting through the registry to find it's leavings.

Anyway, I decided to go a slightly different rout with what I am doing. We have a number of PCs that are imaged and have RAdmin pre-installed. Because the image is built on one machine and distributed to others with different hardware, the software reverts back to demo mode and requires activation after 30 days (even though it still has the valid key).

So, its either, a) have our NOC activate each one as they come up, b) distribute the license key to the field, or c) build a script. I've attached it in case anyone has run into the same issue as us.

' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------'
' RAdmin_Update.vbs
' This script deletes the current RAdmin license key, and applies and
' activates one provided in the script.
' Created - March 2010
' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------'

Option Explicit

' ----------------------------------------------------
' -- Declare and set objects and variables --
' ----------------------------------------------------

Dim strRegKey, strLicenseKey, strActivCmd
Dim counter
Dim objShell

' RAdmin license key
strLicenseKey = "xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx"

strRegKey = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RAdmin\v3.0\Shared\Parameters\XferParam\"
strActivCmd = "C:\WINDOWS\system32\rserver30\rserver3.exe /activate /key:" & strLicenseKey

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

' -----------------------
' -- Process --
' -----------------------

' Delete the registry keys that hold license information (There is the possibility of having more
' than one key installed so this removes up to 5 keys; expand as needed)
for counter = 1 to 5
On Error Resume Next
objShell.RegDelete strRegKey & counter & "\"
On Error Goto 0

' Run the command that adds and activates the provided key
objShell.Run (strActivCmd)

Wscript.Echo "RAdmin Server 3.4 license updated and activated"

' -------------------------
' -- Cleanup --
' -------------------------

Set strRegKey = Nothing
Set strLicenseKey = Nothing
Set strActivCmd = Nothing
Set counter = Nothing
Set objShell = Nothing

Edited: Running Gag - 02.03.2010 10:11:23
Connecting through Linux?, NetCafe solution for Radmin needed
It really depends on how you're Linux box is set up. If everything goes through your Linux box (WAN --> Linux --> Switch --> PCs) then it is probably using IPTables as the firewall. You can configure that through the GUI if it is set up, or edit the IPTables config file. You will not have to set up RAdmin (nor, is it compatible, as far as I know) to manage the Linux box as Linux offers SSH connections through the command line and VNC as an open source option.

If your network does not pass through the Linux box on the edge of your network (WAN --> Router / Switch --> LAN), the Linux box should not need to be pre-configured unless it is being used as a proxy.
RAdmin 3.3 Automated Installation, VBS Script to install RAdmin Server 3.3
I'm modifying this script to uninstall our current installation of v 3.4 and reinstall with an adjusted msi file. Ideally, this would be a completely silent uninstall / install that I can add into another package release. As such, I'm looking at this line:

Uninstallme = WinDir & "\system32\r_server.exe /uninstall /silence"

Which points to a file that doesn't appear to exist in 3.4. There is a folder (%SystemRoot%\system32\rserver30) that appears to be the same, but the executables in that folder do not appear to take the /uninstall or /silence switch. Is there a file that I am missing?

Also, I'm trying to remove the current installed licence to apply a new one with the updated msi. I notice that the uninstaller removes most of the registry keys related RAdmin (including what appears to contain the licence information), but when I perform a re-installation of the software, it appears to have retained the licence.

Is there another file / location where the licence is cached?
Edited: Running Gag - 01.03.2010 15:03:35
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