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Connecting through Linux?, NetCafe solution for Radmin needed
Thanks for the time you took to answer, however my knowledge is limited to pretty much setting up a LAN on XP OS and setting it up to be online through a "master" PC that also has XP on it.
So if you could elaborate a bit, I would be most grateful:

Would I need to set up port forwarding on Linux? If so, how? My knowledge of Linux equals almost zero.
Would I need to install Radmin Server\Set up the Account on Linux (provided it works on it) and then set up the client at home to "Connect through server"?
A few step-by-step pointers would be useful.

Connecting through Linux?, NetCafe solution for Radmin needed
Here's how it looks:

At the NetCafe LAN PCs (with XP Pro OSs installed) are connected to the internet through a local Linux server (Cable provider requests that Linux is used).

Now, I wish to access the LAN PCs at the NetCafe from my home:
Home PC ---> Internet ---> Linux NetCafe server ---> NetCafe PCs.

Is this possible and how to set it up using Radmin.

Many thanks in advance,
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Radmin 3.5

Windows 10 Compatible


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