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Topic: «OS X Client..., Would be nice» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
01/17/2012 06:22:19
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I am an avid Mac user and would love to have a RAdmin client that can connect to Windows RAdmin. As a system admin, we see that more and more users want/use Macs, so obviously a Server for the OS X operating system would be really great. For now though I'd be very happy with just the Viewer.

Is/has this been considered?


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Topic: «Question about future license activation» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
08/17/2006 08:01:28
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I really enjoy using the new version, but am concerned with the way the new RA 3.0 will seem to need activation. Is my assumption correct? If this is true, will activation be needed on each installation of the server software, or only once and the using the ususal registry export import trick to distribute it to other PCs. Clarification of this would be great guys.

Please don't throw another spanner in the works for an otherwise outstanding product!

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Topic: «Vista support...» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
02/02/2006 02:47:03
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Question: I am a beta tester of Windows Vista, and have tried to use RAdmin 2.x on it and the view mode does NOT work! (File transfer does work...) Lets hope that the next version supports this new version of Windows WITHOUT delaying the impending release of RAdmin 3.0! :D

Thanks guys
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