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03/25/2010 22:03:04
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Thank you - I could've sworn I checked this key and couldn't see this key was changed after changing the permissioning.

I guess since we're using local groups for permissioning, and each local group is a different SID for machines, I'll just have to backup regkey per machine prior to upgrade, and merge it back in afterwards.

Thank you again!
03/24/2010 18:26:59
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Hi Eugene, I tried running procmon to see what regkey rserver3.exe is modifying when I change the permission list, but I could not find anything obvious. Can you specify which regkey value/data I need to capture?
03/24/2010 09:13:58
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Hi Eugene - yes we have customized the installer, but I'm asking whether if it's possible to manipulate the permissions list after Radmin server is installed, without doing it manually on each PC.
03/24/2010 05:24:32
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Is there a way to manipulate the Permissions list for Windows NT Security? For example to use a script to permission a local group to have full control - without manully configuring it through Radmin Server Settings?
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