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Windows 2012 screen corruption
This is more an informational message and not a request for support, as i think i've found the cause of the problem.

In Windows 2012 server (and R2), i've noticed in some screen that when i open/close windows or move them, the screen does not appear normally (some parts of the window appear in the position they were before i moved the window). After a little research, i noticed that this happens when the "Load mirror driver on startup" option is checked. When i unchecked it, everything worked normally.

RAdmin server version is 3.5
Edited: Nick A - 17.07.2014 05:22:33
Suggestion for "connect through host", "Connect through host" on a phonebook folder
Ronny D'Hoore wrote:
...and like magic all the entries in the whole phonebook would get updated. 8)...

Minor bug in file transfer window
In file transfer window, if you paste a path in the "local computer" or the "remote computer" box and press Enter, RC changes the path to the one given. However, if the path you paste ends with a backslash, on Enter the path does change but at its left, no icon appears.
Edited: Nick A - 21.03.2014 02:26:44
Radmin on Android, Release Date??
I guess there's much more interest for an Android client version than the 2-3 users that have posted here. I hope such a version is not very far away. It would be really helpful.
Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
Feature added in v3.5! Many thanks. The new toolbar with the autohide option is very convenient. Why though, did you remove the "close" button from the non-fullscreen toolbar? OK, i understand why but personally i was used to it... Anyway, i guess i'll get used to close the window from the normal close button.
Edited: Nick A - 07.03.2013 06:51:41
Problem with forum?
I recently posted a new topic:

After a while i got an email notification that a user had posted a reply to this topic but when i got to the forum, there was nothing there. The user was "dan h" and the message text was attached to the email notification i received. It seemed like a valid remark on the matter so i'm guessing that either (for some reason) he was considered a spammer and the message was deleted by an admin, or he was an admin and decided to delete the message himself or there is some kind of hidden messaging going on in the forum between administrators in which case, as a plain user, i should have not received the notification. :)
Edited: Nick A - 23.11.2012 01:56:59
Changing windows password

Here's a situation:

- Connect to a remote PC using windows domain credentials.
- Upon logon to the remote PC's Windows, you are informed that the password will expire and you are asked to change it.
- After changing the password, try to open a file transfer connection by clicking on the file transfer icon in the current window's toolbar. You are informed that the password is incorrect.

RAdmin probably stores in memory the password used to connect to the remote PC and reuses it when needed, so in that case it is logical to fail.

IMO if the connection fails due to invalid password, the user should simply be asked again to enter his credentials and store the new user/password/domain in memory. As things are now, you have to close the connection, reopen it and then use file transfer from the toolbar. Of course initiating file transfer through the main RAdmin window works fine.

It may sound too much to ask for but in case of slow connections, it saves some time.
Edited: Nick A - 22.11.2012 06:49:31 (Sorry wrong forum (this is a wish) but i can't move it to the proper one.)
Action on session end
Great, thanks. I hope it gets implemented in the next version of RAdmin and also that we'll see it soon. :)
Action on session end
It would be nice if there was an option to define what happens when a session ends (the last session perhaps). For instance, on session ending, the remote PC could be logged off or locked.
Wishes for next version
There should be a display mode "stretch but maintain aspect ratio", both in normal window and in full screen. In that, when you maximize the radmin window, only one dimension would be maximized, the other would be calculated in order for the remote screen's aspect ration to be maintained. The same should happen when you resize it of course.
Edited: Nick A - 20.01.2012 02:16:04
Wishes for next version
The file transfer window could use an upgrade.

- Tabbed folders in both local and remote panels.
- Ability to have "favorite" paths, stored for both local and remote PCs so you can select them from a menu and go directly to them. Also it would be nice if you could have "sets" of paths (where both the local and remote dirs will be set in one step) or groups (where multiple tabs will be loaded in both local and remote panels).
- Ability to change folders synchronously (when CDing into a folder in one location -local or remote- if this folder exists in the other panel, radmin could automatically CD to it too). This feature could be enabled/disabled via a button in the button bar.
-Tab linking (so when switching on a tab in one of the panels, the "linked" tab in the other panel will automatically be shown).
Using server in redirect mode
If you wish to use a radmin server strictly as a "redirect" point, does it need a separate license?
Connect through host
This option enables you to connect through a host when there is no direct TCP/IP connection with the computer you want to administer

Yup, i know. :) We do have such situations with our clients, where everything is done via VPN connections, so there is no direct way to connect to our servers when we are on a client's site.
Edited: Nick A - 05.12.2011 04:41:27
Connect through host
Well, that's exciting. I hope we'll see something soon. I know there may be no point in asking but is there any time estimate?
Edited: Nick A - 02.12.2011 03:50:14
Connect through host
Imagine the following situation:

You have 5 servers on your local domain and 5 customer servers on each customer's domain, which are connected to yours via VPN. So, you have 5 radmin connections to your servers and 5 connections to the customer servers. When you are on a customer's site and you wish to connect to your domain, you have to change all connections to your servers, to add "connect through" the customer's host and remove them when you return on your site. Not very convenient.

Suggestions (pick the best):

- A global "connect through" setting, which will automatically be used when the destination server cannot be found on the local network.
- Several "connect through" settings and radmin will decide which will automatically be used, based on whether the destination server's IP is within a predefined IP range.
- Several "connect through" settings (as above) but radmin will use them if your PC's IP is not within each setting's predefined IP range (so when you are on the customer's site and you wish to connect to a customer server, "connect through" will not be used).
- Instead of using folders as a top level of the tree in radmin, define sites and under them folders or local servers (to the site). Then, for each site, be able to define how you connect to all the other sites (define the "connect through" setting to use if you wish to connect to a server on each other site).

Any comments from other users or radmin personnel?
Edited: Nick A - 01.12.2011 02:49:01
Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
Anony Mouss wrote:
It would be great if in fullscreen mode, there was a minimize button in the toolbar, before the "close" one. Seems pretty simple and it would save much time when in need to go back and forth between local and remote PCs.

How about this? It seems like a useful addition to radmin. Is it expected any time soon?
Edited: Nick A - 29.07.2011 05:23:28
VMware keyborad "compatibility"
Since VMware use is extended nowadays, i'd like to ask for a related wish.

It would be great if in addition to CTRL+ALT+F12, there was an option to also make CTRL+ALT+INS to send CTRL+ALT+DELETE to the remote desktop. The same key combination is used in VMWare so it would be very convenient if radmin (optionally) acted that way too, for uniformity reasons.
Suggestion: true full screen support
Kevin Matzdorf wrote:
2) hide the tool bar... Remote Desktop allows you to pin and unpin the tool bar, so you can have a true full screen without anything in the way

Please don't underestimate this wish. It's rather annoying to have to move the toolbar around all the time because it gets in the way.
Hide Remote screen????, Remote loging question
I'm suspecting i will not get an answer i will like but is it expected to be released this year? Also, that about upgrading from v3.x, will there be a cost?
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