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Radmin Activation - FW Connectivity
Hi guys,

Thanks for such a quick response. Maybe I didnt make my post very clear, apologies for that.

It may sound daft but due to strict security restrictions, I cannot allow any connectivity between the different LAN segments, even tied down to a custom port. I also cannot allow an activation server full internet access outbound. I am however, allowed to enable connectivity outbound from every host individually, but it must be out to a specific IP address on a specific port (i guess port 80). So am just after the IP address/port utilised by the server when activating it's radmin server instance.

Thanks again,
Radmin Activation - FW Connectivity
Shortly I will need to activate Radmin 3 on 80-90 servers remotely. The FW access is tied right down on these servers so using an activation server is not an option. I dont really want to manually activate this many servers either. I can make a firewall change to allow access from every host out to a single IP / range, but I will need to know those details.

If someone could answer the following, that would be great:

- I would be doing the authentication via my Radmin Viewer, but I assume that the activation "traffic" would be sent from the server that I am trying to connect to, rather than my desktop? Is this correct?

- Does the activation utilise standard HTTP port 80?

- Finally, what's the IP address or range I would need to allow traffic out to?

Thanks in advance,
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