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No longer able to log on to all users
We have been able to determine that the problem has to do with the HelpDesk "Group" that is set up in Active Directory and then in the NT Securities Permission area of Radmin on the User PC. Users in this group can no longer sign on to the PCs. If we add an individual Helpdesk tech who is in AD to the User PC NT Security group of Radmin, they can log on fine.

We are still looking for a way to fix all of the PCs from a Server/Group Policy type area.
No longer able to log on to all users
Yes, all are on a domain.
NT Security
No credentials that we enter will work.

AS an added reminder, each day we are able to log on to fewer PCs. Some we logged on to last Friday or this Monday will no longer connect. I don't have hard numbers but it seems we can now only log on to 20% of the original PCs.

No longer able to log on to all users
For the last week we are able to log on to fewer and fewer user PCs. We purchansed 1000 licenses about 5 years ago and have only about 600 active computers so it shouldn't be a license issue but we're not sure. When we attempt to connect, instead of getting the normal window requesting our Viewer Password we get a "Windows security :" window requesting:

User name:
Host name:

The 4 on the Helpdesk group are running Radmin 3.4 Viewer. The Users are running different versions of 2.x and 3.x. There doesn't seem to be a pattern related to the version installed. Once we fail to get on to any PC we are not able to get on to it any more after that even though it has worked fine in the past.

I emailed the Famatech Tech Support last Friday (3 business days ago) and have yet to receive any reply.

Your input would be greatly appreciated, we're dieing here.

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