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Topic: «Intel AMT problem, does not execute the commands» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
06/30/2010 13:15:02
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thanks for your support you were very kind to the question now contact intel amt
06/30/2010 04:05:08
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ok I managed to set the motherboard Asus P5E I configured the router's port 4899 in TCP and UDP I Radmin is configured as ip and public ip as that is the main I think he has done everything but when I go to switch on or switch intel amt other option leaves the dialog box can not connect to remote computer something wrong?
06/29/2010 13:33:00
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mmm not know that I had to configure my motherboard and I am aware that I enable Wake On WAN not find in the options. The motherboard is ASUS P5E supports it?
06/27/2010 04:46:00
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I'm trying the program Radmin v3.4 everything works but not the Intel AMT option I opened the doors of the router but does not work there any setting to set? I'm using the operating system Microsoft Windows 7
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