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Topic: «Radmin 3.x and Wine, How to run Radmin 3.2 viewer under Wine» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
08/26/2010 06:19:59
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I have been attempting to get viewer 3.4 to run smoothly in ubuntu when connect to a windows 7 server..

I can get wine to run the viewer and can connect to view the desktop of the remote server..

however, when I move the mouse around the screen moves very slowly and usually locks completely within a few seconds.

I have 3 screens and two VGA cards connected to the windows machine.. Other than that I am not aware of anything unsual in the setup that may be effecting the performance.

turning down the bit rate of the connection and refresh rate do not make any difference to the locking up.

Any idea what I can change to prevent this glitching?

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