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Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
Well, thanks alot for hide tray icon feature!!!!!!!!
Almost immediately after the release of 3.0 the antivirus deleted all installs of radmin. Adding to the exceptions works until the next update. So now when I need to remotely support a pc, I first have to talk the user through re-installing radmin and adding it to the exceptions. Every time. how convenient.

I can't blame the antivirus, since the ability to hide the tray icon makes radmin a valid threat to network security. How can the AV find a modified spyware radmin instance with the icon hidden if radmin is excepted?????? Radmin is basically unusable in a corporate environment now. How is this supposed to survive a SOX audit??????? And you want $50 a seat for this????????

Thanks for caving to the four guys who demanded you add this feature. What good does it do to make us ask for it????? Anybody could get it.

You think maybe you could release instead a version of radmin 2.2 and radmin 3.0 that will not allow the tray icon to be hidden? and maybe make the executables and dll's different enough so the AV programs could tell them apart????
You know, a corporate grade remote control program that's actually worth the $50.

The other guys could continue to spy on their wives/girlfriends with the hacker/spyware version, while the rest of us manage networks(and manage our users).
Beta2, Issue's Radmin Beta2
There are some annoying problems with the latest beta:
When I am remoting a machine in full screen, then leave the full screen (f12) to select another machine, I cannot switch tasks. I can't select another running prog from the tray, nor can I use alt-tab. I have to close every window till I get to the one I want.
Also, periodically the radmin viewer closes sometimes on it's own, so I have some remote sessions open, and the viewer is gone and I have to re-open it.

I mostly don't care for the floating toolbar, but it is sometimes handy. maybe a hotkey toggle that displays/hides it would be the best, rather than disabling it globally.

One some machines it's the fastest thing I have ever seen, but when controlling a virtual machine under vmware the mouse lag is very bad. Like you can zig-zag all over the screen and then watch the remote pointer follow like 15 sec behind it. I find I am better off controlling the host and selecting full screen mode for my target vm to get usable performance.

Otherwise it's very good and I am now able to test it without switching back and forth between viewers
Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
This is a good solution, the two versions should be easily distinguishable to satisfy the SOX guy.
I see some guys asking for silent install now...
It seems to me that silent install + hide tray icon = haxor ware.
and there you are again on all the virus lists.
I'm happy as long as you release one legit version that addresses compliance issues. One that works right, anyway...see my next post under a bug topic
Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
Maybe if you complain enough they will put it in.
Not in this forum, because I don't think they read it. You have to visit them in person. ACtually you have to get a job there, and write the ***** thing yourself....
Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
I use EWIDO anti-malware and if you know how to exclude radmin then I would interested.

I don't agree with your approach to IT mgmt, our auditors IT guy has a similar approach and they think the guy is an a-hole.

But if you need to be sneaky, you could do this:

Install new radmin unhidden on whatever port you choose.
install radmin2.2 on a different port, hidden.

use 3.0 to openly manage users pc's. use 2.2 when being sneaky. They know you are using something, just hiding the icon will only fool the really stupid. If they see you using an unhidden radmin, they probably won't even suspect the hidden one even exists, and therefore won't look further.
You could even catch them at killing the icon, and tell them that killing the icon only removes it from their view.

with the promised backward compatibility of the client, you could just create another folder for sneaky connections.
Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
Sounds like you need to perform Aggressive Luser Re-Education, since MY users do not delete programs, or stop services.

However, when a user is presented with "found malware raddll"
I expect them to click ok, as there are but a few whom I could ever hope to distinguish between "good" malware and "bad" malware.

Any remote control program that has the ability to hide itself from the user is considered a trojan/malware. I fail to see any correlation to motor vehicles????????

If you were required to comply with SEC regulations or Sarbanes Oxley you would see the problem with a single users ability to surreptitiously monitor ANY user.

Famatech is obviously aware of these points and has made the decision to remove the hiding feature, if only to remove itself from malware lists and gain credibility. This will increase their market by many more than the few who are complaining here, since those who were forced to avoid radmin2.2 will soon? be able to use 3.0.

The decision is made, and made the only way it could be made.
Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
If the hide icon feature is enabled how would the general user know if radmin is installed? Maybe some leet haxor renames the service to slass or something that maybe looks like it's from windows. So the AV scanner would have to identify it as malware, just to be sure ANY and ALL users of their AV software are aware that Radmin is installed. If it can be hidden by IT, then it can be hidden by anyone and it is their responsibility to flag it.

And that is why this topic should be closed.

PLEASE IGNORE these requests, since they probably come from script kiddies and not IT depts. ALL you have to do is tell an employee "dont touch this, if you do you get no support" and they won't touch it.

Right now I don't have to worry about users screwing with radmin, it's the AV program that screws with radmin.
Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
I am finding the new radmin to be way much faster, and I can see message ballons on the remote screen which was missing b4. But I can't really bang on it because of the missing features. It's really a pain to shut down connections and fire up the new viewer with a different pbk, and then not have the ability to grab the clipboard and have to go back.
So if I was to assign a priority to missing features that need to be added, the clipboard would be first. Then 2.2 support, then the ability to import the phonebook. Then we could USE it.
One thing I found to be broken or missing is the "connect thru host".
The purpose of beta testing is to find the problems YOU don't know about, not to find what you left out for now...
And the way to do that is by REALLY banging on it.
I really can't believe how fast it is, but I can see why some people might be PO'ed since it's so fast and we still have to use the old one. This is the ONLY product that makes radmin2.2 seem slow.
EWIDO antispy-vir-mal-etc detects 2.2 server and viewer as malware, and if I'm not careful it gets deleted. but it doesn't get 3.0b.
all the more reason I wish I could use 3.0b
How to use old 3.0 viewer and new viewer on same pc
If you install the 3.0b viewer to a different folder, you still have the old viewer. However there is the phonebook issue, since the two use the same paths. a workaround is to create a blank phb in another location instead of making a blank one over your old one. rename it and place in the default path under application data. use the old 3.0 viewer as before, but never create a new phb when 3.0b starts. then pick "set phonebook" from the menu and use the one you created b4. You have to close the old viewer to use the new and visa-versa.

BTW the new viewer works for telnet, file transfer, and others with 2.2 servers, just no video.

and you can run both 2.2 & 3.0 servers on one machine as long as you use different ports.

this should aid in testing
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
I think it should be obvious by now that no matter how much you complain or how blistering the insults, these guys are not going to release anything until they are good and ready.

Maybe they are waiting for a day when they are not insulted.

I come here every so often to check for updates or betas. the 3.0 viewer is cool. It's been a while since then.

So I read the forums, for the humor mostly. A really funny post makes an otherwise fruitless visit worthwhile.
it passes the time while I wait.........

SO if you want to really contribute, try to be funny. The venom and insults fall on deaf ears. I don't care to read it, they don't move any faster, why bother.

Radmin 3.0 is done, they are trying to build a webfarm that can handle 500,000,000 hits in 1 hour
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Yes Happy Victory day,

I suppose you couldn't very well release radmin 3.0 beta on a holiday, since the release date of radmin 3.0 will be declared a worldwide holiday.
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
I think we need to send CHUCK NORRIS to the Moscow office of Famatech. Not to round-house kick anybody or anything, but to help with the programming, since Chuck has ALREADY written a similar program for use on his own computers, which is faster than radmin and is only 30k in size. Chuck killed the last guy who bugged him for a screenshot, so forget about seeing any proof of this.
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
How can such slow guys make such a fast program?
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