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Topic: «Central Administration Console» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
12/02/2011 04:34:18
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@Cisto Mozo: Seems that we have to even I don't want to.......
10/12/2010 08:07:34
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But doing it with NT-Security is very uncomfortable - or we're doint it in a wrong way.

Is there a documentation or best practice guide available?
10/12/2010 00:48:38
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I'm missing a central Admin console for RAdmin. It should be one central place for managing the clients RAdmin-Settings.

My requirement for such a Console is to centrally manage permission settings:

theres one key-user in the finance-department who should support other employees in this department. Therefore I want to group the Clients in the central admin console and add the full control permission for this user to this group.
Beside this permission, IT-Support should have full control permission to all clients.
And, it should be possible to map one client to more groups (for nested permissions and different key-users for differnt applications).

Additionally, I need the feature to do an audit of the settings to verify which user has access to which clients.
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