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Topic: «Computer Restarts, Computer Restarts when connect» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
01/19/2011 09:57:34
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Thank you!
I uninstalled the OSD and it works fine now.

Thanks for the fast reply.

I'm buying a license later this month.
01/18/2011 16:47:09
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Hello, Im trying out radmin server and viewer on my computers here at my home.
Mostly becouse i do not have 2 mouses.

But here is my problem.

I cannot connect to the server. It restarts my computer.

It works fine when i do not have installed my graphic card drivers.
But after i install my drivers to my graphic card it just restarts when im trying to connect to the remote server. (I got same problem with VNC Viewer)

Does anyone have any clue of what to do?

If i get this program to work with graphic card drivers i will buy a licence.

Im using XP Home on the server.with an old nVIDIA Graphic card (512 mb)
nVIDIA 7600 silent GS 512mb

I believe it is a PCI card aswell

First i thought the graphic card was broken but it wasnt. Even checked my motherboard.

Thanks in advance.

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