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12/15/2011 12:35:09
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It retains last size. Yesterday I was on a large screen and had resized radmin and it still retains window size now on my small laptpo screen, so the return to default size is not consistent failure
12/14/2011 14:28:24
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The window size is something like 550 high by about 600 wide. Just enough to have a few machines (about 20) in a list.
Never bigger than half a screen wide or high. And that's on the small laptop display.
12/14/2011 14:18:29
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BTW, mine is 'list' too,
12/14/2011 14:18:06
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I think I know the cause -
On my own screen when I resize and close the application, then reopen, it doesn't lose it's previous size.
Problem is that this is on a lenovo x201 1280x720 screen. When I go to work I plug into a 1920x1200 display, maybe the change in resolution is causing radviewer to default?
12/14/2011 14:09:10
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The two yellow folders icon pressed, everything else default.
Controlled machines are in a list.
12/14/2011 13:40:27
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Running Win7 Enterprise. Window size keeps returning to default every time I close the radmin viewer (the one with the list of computers to control)
07/17/2011 16:40:42
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Radmin viewer doesn't remember its window size when resized. This is really annoying if using long names because you need to resize it every time the viewer is opened.
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