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Topic: «Repackaging the RAdmin 3 series installation packages, A RAdmin 3 mirror driver issue...» on forum: Network management general discussion
05/26/2008 02:58:39
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Hello Gregor Petrov,

thank you. I will come up to you on demand. I hope the RAdmin 3 license self-administration will become reality soon.

Best regards,
05/20/2008 08:31:42
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Hello Famatech support team!

Due to some company policies / IT strategy plans we may need to repackage your RAdmin 3 MSI installation.
Basically, this will not be a extremly difficult task to achive, but the new mirror driver may be an issue.

May I threat the RAdmin 3 mirror driver as a usual windows device driver with all limitations and possibities or do I need extra precaution here?

As soon as license self-administration through RAdmin local activation server is possible we may take upgrading to RAdmin 3 into consideration. I just want to be prepared. I hate suprises during large software roll outs. :)

I assume remote control expert Mr. Dmitry Znosko wrote the RServer3 module. My I ask for an audience then? :)

Best regards,
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