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tunneling floating licence via radmin, Using of a floating licence located on sim-server on my notebook for a sim-software
Hello everybody,

to my question:

In our institute we have got an simulation computer that is connected to a local network but has no access to the internet.

Normally it is possible that a computer - working with a certain simulation software - can use the floating licence located on the simulation computer (flexlm). We just have to give the path of the licence-file.

Now i want to do following with radmin.

I'm able to connect my notebook via Radmin with a acomputer of the institute-network.
Is it also possible that i'm able to "tunnel" the licence?

So that we have following construction:

a) Simulation-Computer where the licence-file ist located, but no www access.
b) My Desktop that is in the same network like the simulation computer but with www access.
c) My Notebook with a certain sim-software. This notebook can be connected to b) via Radmin. Is it possible to tunnel the licence from a) to c)?

Sorry for my limited english and also for my simple explanations. But i'm just a normal PC user without any extraordinary network-knowledges.

Thank you very much

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