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Forum displays user full name instead of nickname, Unconventional, and no warning when signing up
Apologies for posting this here but there is NOT a "Forum feedback forum."

When we create our accounts, we are requested to put in our first and last name and a "nickname\user ID". Most forums do not disclose the user's actual first & last name. Instead, a typical forum displays the "nickname" of the user. Then, if the user wants to add their first and last name to a public profile, it is option for the user.

The RAdmin forum uses the users full name on the posts. Unfortunately, the RAdmin forum signup doesn't let you know that this forum will post your full name so that you could avoid it by putting some other text there instead.

Although, there is nothing of any consequence about disclosing the first & last names on the forum, it is obvious that it is of issue to some people. For example there are some posters where the first and last name has been filled in with text that is obviously NOT a name. My guess is they created an account, noticed that their full name is displayed on every post, and then created another account to remedy this issue.

The RAdmin forum does NOT let you change your first or last name. So, the only option it to create another account. I may do that myself.

So, it seems like the forum creates work RAdmin support for email addresses (see other thread), and repeated and\or abandoned accounts to avoid first & last name disclosure.

Not of this really amounts to big problem, but it is worth pointing out.

That is my feedback on the forum implementation.

Edited: Jim Cook - 18.11.2011 09:20:25 (Typo error, clarity improvement)
How to change profile settings?
1) I also wanted to verify that I had the correct email address in my forum profile but found no way to check or change it.

2) Furthermore, this was due to the fact that when I registered for the forum, it stated that an email would be sent to verify the account. I never received any email so I wanted to verify my email address.

3) I checked "Subscribe to New Posts in This Topic" and never received any email for them when they did indeed get a new post (1 topic did anyway).

4) Lastly, I have several email addresses and might like to move the forum

So there, in just one sign-up, I had 4 reasons to check my email on my profile and could not do it.

Basically, at this point, I am not going to send to the support center to check it. If it's in the database wrong, I guess I don't really care enough to work through it like that.

The login is done with a user-name, which is good, so the email address should just be a profile setting the user can change.

Button to send audio to remote PC (no artificial chat for unattended PC), Button to send audio to remote PC (no artificial chat for unattended PC)
Currently, reading the online help, it seems the only way to pipe the audio from the remote PC to the local PC is to use RA to setup an "audio chat" as if someone was sitting at the PC ( and had set it up).

This "chat style" arrangement probably works well for remote desk-side support type of work. In these cases, there is someone sitting in front of the remote PC and the person at the local PC (that initiated the session with the viewer) is interacting with them. I have used RA on my mother's computer.

However, what I use everyday, is remote access to my home PC from work. There is no one at home. I am interacting with no one. There should just be a single button that pipes the audio to the remote PC from any source to the local PC. Just hook anything headed for the sound card an redirect it. I suppose an option to mute or allow simultaneous playback at the remote PC would be a nice addition but not necessary (BUT NICE).

The audio session utility (window) could still be used for attended remote PC's.

Actually, when I upgraded to v3.x I did not even bother to test it first. I figured it was quite a leap with all of the documentation about the licensing change and various upgrade options. However, I was actually surprised to learn that it didn't redirect the audio with the simple click of a button. NOR did it have a button to "Minimize" directly from "Full Screen" (but that is for another thread). Somewhat disappointing.

I finally decided to create a login and request the feature.

Minimize button on toolbar (especially in full screen)
REALLY !! When can we have a "Full Screen" to "Minimize" button???

Not supporting this request by now is just stupid. It can't be the most challenging software task you guys have. You already support all the screen modes, Full, Resize, Minimize. There are requests in this thread back to 2009.

Here is a thread requesting it back in 2006:

LogMeIn has a "Full screen" to minimize button. GoToMyPC has a "Full screen" to minimize button...

I do NOT use my RAdmin for help desk type stuff. I am accessing my own PC remotely. I keep it open most of the day and switch from Full screen to resize to minimize AND THEN BACK AGAIN, 15 times a day. I am actually considering using GoToMyPC. My company has GoToMyPC on my work PC and the Full Screen to minimize feature is blessing on it.

REALLLY, this is an "Easy-Win", "Low Hanging Fruit" for RAdmin. PLEASE PLEASE, fix this already those of us requesting this from 2006 until now will thank you.

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