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Remote Screen not visible in RAdmin 3.0 Beta2
Hi all,
i've tried the beta 2 (server: Windows 2003 SP1, client: XP SP2) and got file transfer and telnet working perfectly. But the Full Control or View Remote Screen functions don't work.

The following happens:
After starting, i get the login box and enter my credentials.
Then a small rectangle appears which seems to be a start-popup. Then this small blue popup-rectangle turns to black and remains so forever. This apparantly should be the remote display, as i can make it look like a window ("normal" mode) and resize it. But i never see any remote desktop.

Any ideas? What can be wrong if file transfer is working just great.

Windows XP 64 Bit Edition Compatibility
Hi there,

Will the final version of Radmin 3 be compatable with Windows XP 64 Bit Pro Edition?

I ask this because Radmin 2 installs fine, but the services wont start - i tried manually tweaking the service settings but didnt have any luck with it.
“Get Clipboard/Set Clipboard” Cumbersome
While I see that it might be useful in some instances, I find this intermediate step (Get Clipboard/Set Clipboard) for copying and pasting between host and client window rather cumbersome.
Is there any way to change this to a straight forward “cut and paste” (like in WinVNC), meaning the content of the client window gets directly copied onto the clipboard of the Sever? Making this an Option would be nice. This would satisfies both camps.
Please advise.
Secure web browser
I think Famatech should develop a secure web browser! I bet Famatech could definitly make a browser that is faster and more secure than both Firefox and IE.
rcc not saving connection info
my specs are: winxpsp2,cablemodem,linksrouter,za firewall,
rcs is installed on same machine as rcc1,
tested connection via lan,wan and dialup 28k,
all functions seem to work.
rcc2 installed on seperate machine.
rcc2 has connection info saved rcc window.
rcc2 pc has same specs as rcc1.
in rcc1 i can not save the connection info,
i have to repeatetly reenter the info
btw iam using portforwarding via links works like a charm
how about a save password function getting tired of writing logon.

any idears why it will not save connection data

you can see if iam up by going to
will resume uploads?
Hi all,
Will next version of radmin supports resuming uploads?
Maybe this is a topic post, if so sorry...
Radmin Communication Client
When I minimize the Communication Client, a little icon with a green R shows in my system tray. It stays green even when I receive a message. Could it change color, play a sound or pop up when I recieve a message? Otherwise how do I know to check it?
Message receiving notification
It would be nice to have an option that lets the client window flash/come to focus when a new message/private message is recieved,
if u are in a chatroom (even enterprise) where, people have the chatroom open, but use it only on demand (meaning it is minimised most of the time), they will never know whe a new message is recieved,
No indication of Remote Full Control
in version 2.2 there was an additional agreement if the remote user wanted a full control session.
I think the owner of the of the PC where the server is running should make the decision wether the remote user should have full control
3.0 Request (Chat, Voice Chat)
I would like to request a feature in the Chat and Voice Chat option.

Currently we are able to specify a username to used with the Chat and Voice Chat feature. Would it be possible to make the username specified a conditional varialble. As an example we have roaming profiles in our envirorment and if Radmin Server could detect the currently loggin user to be used in chat and voice chat sessions, that would be great.

I tried to use the standard windows %username% indicator unsuccessfully. So something like %username%, autodetection of workstation name or something along these lines would be very helpful.
Black Screen in 3.0 (WINDOWS VISTA X64)

I have a problem, if i connect to the client i get a black screen with 2 pictures of pc's and a arrow. The remote pc is windows xp and the client is windows vista x64. I can connect to file transfer, anyone a suggestion?
Multiple users

The info I read says that multiuser switching in XP is supported.

Can I however log in to a 2003 box (or XP) as multiple users simultaneously. Each user would then have a different desktop - a bit like Terminal Services ???
Can the new Display Hook Driver being disable?
I love Radmin 2.2 because it can work with most Direct3D game.
Mouse Click after window unfocus
I've found another thing that I'd like to see fixed before release.

Situation: I have my remote window open on the client but the focus is on another window.
When I click somewhere inside the remote window, the (remote desktop) window will regain focus, but the remote computer will also do a mouse-drag from the point where the cursor was originally to the point where I clicked in the Remote Desktop window to regain focus. This will cause strange behavior on the remote pc (i.e. windows being dragged to different locations, text to be selected, emails to be moved to different folders etc..)

This didn't used to be an issue in v2.2.
500ms cursor delay over VPN
It was working. No delay using any mouse with microsofts standard drivers.

Stopped working properly when I installed logitechs software/driver for a MX518 mouse. The movement using the added software is creating a delay.

If I wanted to see mouse trails I would have selected it in my mouse options.

Please fix. Thanks
Message receiving notification
It would be nice to have an option that lets the client window flash/come to focus when a new message/private message is recieved,
if u are in a chatroom (even enterprise) where, people have the chatroom open, but use it only on demand (meaning it is minimised most of the time), they will never know whe a new message is recieved,
"Connect through host" feature
I'm inside a local network and can only connect to the net using proxy. In Radmin 2.1 I used the "Connect through host" feature which is missing here. I now cannot use this one
Problem using the remote screen
I was unable to connect to one of the workstations using the remote screen, the connection logo just flashed and disappeared at once, I checked the log file, it just says that I connected and then disconnected. I have no problem using the telnet and file transfer functions and it's problem-free with other workstations. Anyone knows the cause for this? Any solutions?

Thanks a lot.
Will Radmin support scripting?
Will the new version of Radmin support any type of scripting, or some way to record actions and replay them on multiple servers?
Chat password protected channels wanted
We have 5 groups of employers that each must have its own conference room that is protected by password. As the network administrator i want an easy way to deploy the client, with auto join feature to such a room. If possible i want the client program with common settings to be launched from a shared folder on the network. It would be better if default user nick is same as username of the computer on its first launch of a user. An easy way to deploy personal setting settings should be made that makes it easy for people with very little knowledge of computers to connect. The settings must be stored in the user profile in case of users logging on with roaming profiles.

Connect server: ip
Connect type: chat
Connect server password:
Autojoin conference room: roomname
Autojoin conference room password: password(encrypted)

and i also want a global option as "always ask for password" that overrides user settings

Easy to deploy, easy to use, is easy to sell!
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