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Radmin only accesses user Administrator (XP SP3) with both security windows NT as Radmin Security
Is it true that multiple users need to have multiple registered licenses?
Radmin Deployement tool and licensing, Re-Installation of Radmin 3.x for permissions sake
Thanks for clearing this one. This mean that you can remove Radmin from one computer and use it to another, but you can still use and activate your own account, right?
Licences, Home computers
What exactly is TekServer? Is it part of Radmin?
History in new version of Radmin
I am not even sure if this suggestion has been given a chance or am I just missing something here?
User Schedules
Great. Another +1 for me.
To stealth or not to stealth
What does it do if you enable or diable stealth mode?
Ability to switch command shells for Radmin Telnet, Looking to use Powershell vs. CMD
I am currently thinking about the same thing, though CMD is actually works for me.
Chat Nickname, Use of system variables
Right. +1 on this.
Activation Server Problem, Activation limit is reached for entered license code
Hey, Mike. Do you have any update on this?
Problem with Hardware Acceleration
Will that depend on the resolution of your screen display for windowed mode?
How many monitors?, How many total monitors does RAdmin 3.4 server support
It doesn't have a limit of how many monitors you can display?
Ask User Permission mass change
I haven't tried it yet, but will let you know.
Problems connecting with Windows 7 64bit
I am now in Windows 7 and I would say I don't get any problem yet.
Can't change resolution, please help me..
So the higher your GPU, the better, right?
Why am I getting the error "Could not connect to server", Why am I getting the error "Could not connect to server"
I can't find this. Can you share a link as well?
Sound on Windows 7
I haven't tried it yet with Windows 7. So far, I am not sure how it works.
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