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How to use old 3.0 viewer and new viewer on same pc
I will try and see.
Connect Total
I would like to know if this feature is available with the new version.
Feature req: a different screen grabbing scheme, relying on rectangular areas, not whole rows
It is still running smoothly on my end, though I get a few problems every once in a while.
Is downgrading still possible today?
v3 Beta Server on Windows XP x64, Has anyone had success installing?
The latest version works better.
changing mode view to full control
I think this issue has already been fixed. Try updating.
I find it working on my end.
Hide icon solutions?
Good idea. +1 to all of those.
Extended Trial Period - cannot connect to activation server
Same thing on my end. How can we fix this?
problem over internet, can't connect over internet
I am also looking for an answer on this. My connection is fine, but I don't know why it is not connecting properly.
x64 support
Have you ever encounter getting a BSoD when running the software?
Feature request., Sound.
I am using a third-party software for this, as I don't know if Radmin already has this feature.
Radmin 3.0 Pricing
If you can provide more information how you fixed it, that would be useful for the whole community.
view/list in reverse order & view/details blank
I don't know what seems to be the problem, but when I did this on my end, everything went normal. You may want to retry the steps.
radmin works with 3dsmax 7 but not 8
Is it possible to run it o 1080p or 1440 x 1080?
Can not connect to server on XP 32bit, WaitForMirrorState(ON) failed
I got the same problem with XP before. What I did was I used a different OS version. Primarily it was Windows 7 and it worked.
radmin game show, game show
Have you tried different video format?
Disconnects few times a day, Administrator disconnects few times a day
It seems like the latest version does. You may want to try it.
same phonebook for all users?
Have you been able to get how this works? So instead of assigning one phonebook per user, it should be one per machine. Right?
Wish List, Wish list for Advanced IP Scanner
Does any of these questions have been answered? Better contact them directly.
Any Plans for a Bada Samsung Viewer?, Radmin to bada
I don't think it where be available soon.
Radmin Server Scan
Aw. Not a problem!
First Impression
I definitely agree with you. First impression lasts.
Options are pretty bare-bones
This is a great feature. +1 on this if it has already been implemented.
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