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[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Thanks for the update, is there going to be a new version of the viewer as well as the Beta of the server?
Radmin 3.0 Server., Details.
CeBit is a little more than a week away. Are you going to have the server ready by then.
If so when will we (your current customers) be able to see it? Also when do you expect an update to the Beta client?
Viewer 3 no keyboard action for at least 20 secs
That is why I am looking at Ultra VNC as a replacement.
Better file transfer (at least for what I do) in that I can transfer to a network drive.
And the keyboard works.
I was in love with Radmin as a PCAnywhere replacement, but have started to fall out of love with the amount of time between updates. This bug has been around for more than 13 months, and we have yet to see any movement on it, while in the meantime a whole new product has come out the door.
I wonder when we will actually see an update to Remote Admin?

(and don't tell me March of '06 as keeps getting posted here, I find it hard to believe that if that is the release date there isn't a corrected client floating around somewhere, much less a version of the new server for testing).
create shortcut on desktop behavior
That is a known bug in 3.0, try minimizing and then maximizing the client. That should give you keyboard control (at least until this issue is fixed)
[ Closed] Remote admin Server 3, Release Date
They said they would have a beta of the server by March 2006, the beta of the client has been out for some time (and has some nice improvments). My point was that it appears the client is not being developed any further at all at this point (at least not very rapidly).
[ Closed] Remote admin Server 3, Release Date
Just to point out an issue, the current build of the beta client was built in April of 05 (over 5 months ago now) and we still have not seen an update to it to correct the loss of keyboard issue.
Yet in the meantime they are pushing this new product out the door. Seems like all the resources are going to a product that will generate new sales, and not too much going to those of us who have purchased support contracts (and would get the upgrade for free).
I can't even get an answer on a timeline for the next release of the beta client. Feels like it could be quite a while before we see a final release.
[ Closed] Remote admin Server 3, Release Date
You could do what I did and not buy the annual maintenance until there is a new release.
How can i save phonebook of Radmin viewer version 3.0
Mine is stored in
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Radmin\radmin.rpb
(Should be in a similar location depending on your windows install)/
[ Closed] Remote admin Server 3, Release Date
Is there a timline for another release of the viewer (again weeks or months) the keyboard bug is starting to get really bothersome.
[ Closed] RADMIN Server 3.0
It is not available yet.
No idea when/if it will be made publoic (not even sure when they are going to post a new version of the viewer).
"Connect through host" feature, Important missing feature (exists in v2.1)
Yet another example of why the new product should have been version 1 and not version 3 (the existing numbering and naming is creating so much confusion)
[ Closed] Notification of New Radmin Viewer
Is there any mechanism set up for users to be notified when a new release of the Radmin viewer is published (rather than continuing to download the file and see if it has changed).
Perhaps some sort of an email list that we can sign up for and then be notified upon the release of a new version.

This would be EXTREMELY helpful in trying to see if the Keyboard issue has been fixed (and new features added).

I would at least request that a build date be added to the download page so that it is simple to see when the file was last updated (which should be very easy to do).

Also is there any sort of a bug tracking mechanism in place so that we can see the progress on the bug reports we have posted? (it would be nice to know that the feedback we are supplying is being utilized).
[ Closed] Timeline for new Radmin 3 Viewer?
Is there going to be a release of a recent/updated version of the viewer soon?
As noted by Pat I was mistaken on the dates and the timestamp on the released viewer is over a year ago. (and does not have a B in the version string)
Is there a release timeline somewhere that you could shared with us so we have some idea of how long it might be before we see the new version?
[ Closed] Timeline for new Radmin 3 Viewer?
I see the same dates. I was basing the 4/05 on the dates on the install package, but you are correct. The version being sent out is dated 2/10/2004 and the revision does not have the B at the end.
[ Closed] Timeline for new Radmin 3 Viewer?
So I will reiterate my first question (since it has not been answered yet).
When is a new version going to be released that addresses this issue? (since it has now been over 2 months since the last beta version came out).
Or at least a new release that tries to address this issue? (I do realize that it may take some effort to correct it)
The build of Radmin View 3.0 Beta I am using came from
[ Closed] Timeline for new Radmin 3 Viewer?
The link actually redirects to (which does not contain a link to a new version of the Remote Admin viewer).
The timestamp on the Remote Admin Viewer Beta version (reached via the Remote Administrator link on the left of the page you have directed me to ) is still at April 11, 2005 (which is the verison I have installed).
I have already submitted a bug report for this issue a month ago (and gotten no response to it).

Is there a different location to download a new build from?
Feature Request for Radmin Viewer 3
Posted requests to
Feature Request for Radmin Viewer 3
I would like to see an auto reconnect added to File Transfer. It is annoying to leave a connection for a bit and come back, only to need to close the app and reconnect for some reason. It would be nice if the process could reconnect itself (maybe requesting the password again if needed) and leave the paths the same.

Another feature that would be nice in File transfer, would be path memory. By this I mean some mechanism to allow you to return to a previously used path on both the local and remote machines to avoid needing to navigate to the location again.

[ Closed] Timeline for new Radmin 3 Viewer?
Is there a timeline for the next release of the Beta Version 3 viewer for Radmin? I really like the improvements, but the loss of Keyboard control issue is driving me nuts.
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