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How to open a closed port?, Advanced Port Scanner
I guess I'm asking things like this:

What does it mean when the port scanner says a port is "closed"? What settings or what actions by a non-firewall program would close a port? Are there places in Windows that I can go to define "open" and "closed" ports? Could my DSL provider's software close ports even though it is not a firewall? Is there an MSDN link I should go read? Is there some utility software I could download that would help me open these ports or at least gather info on why they are closed?

I can read English, Russian, and French.

How to open a closed port?, Advanced Port Scanner
If Advanced Port Scanner says a port is closed, how can I open it? It says this even when (so far as I know) there is no firewall active for the machine. APC is running on the machine itself.

I am trying to open ports 5556 and 5559 for TCP and UDP traffic both inbound and outbound, so that a voip webcast client will work.

Windows 2000 with all patches applied.

Tech support folks for the webcast voip client were not helpful.

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