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How to connect to non-primary NIC, We have Servers with multiple NIC's. I want to connect to one that is not teh primary
Many of our servers have multiple NIC's. We have always connected with the name that is associated with the primary NIC or its IP. By the primary NIC, I mean the one with a default gateway.

I have a situation where I would like to connect to the secondary NIC. This nic does not have a default gateway. RAdmin refuses to connect. Any way around this?
Auto Logon not working with only 1 server, RAdmin should connect without asking for credentials but does not on one server
I have a server that appears to be configured like all of the rest. We
use Windows authentication on them. My ID is set with full rights in
RAdmin permissions. However, when I try to connect to this server, I
Always have to enter my credentials. This is the only one (out of
several hundred).
I have Uninstalled and ReInstalled
I have checked, deleted and recreated the client settings. Nothing seems to work.
It connects just fine when I enter the credentials - same ones I am running with.
What am I missing here?
(Since V2.1)
Ctrl-Alt-F12 Won't Logon, Unable to send Ctrl-alt-Del key combo
That fixed it! Thank you. There is no way I would have stumbled across that on my own!
Ctrl-Alt-F12 Won't Logon, Unable to send Ctrl-alt-Del key combo
I have used RAdmin for years on hundreds of servers so this isn't a newb question.
I have a server that at first worked normally. Then on some occasions, would not accept my Ctrl-Alt-F12. Rebooting would always cure this problem.
Now I can't make it work ever.
I can connect to the server, I have full administrative rights.
I have uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled.
It connects to the server (2008R2) with no problem and shows the windows Logon screen.
I can use the remote restart & File transfer, but can't get to a logon prompt. I tried Ctrl-alt-F12 along with pressing the button for ctrl-alt-del. no effect from either. I have checked my settings for this server and everything is set correctly. Again, it used to work most of the time, just not after the server had set for a while.

Any recommendations on what to look for or what to try? I'm out of ideas.
Can't get MSI Silent install to show up for ALL users, MSI installation
I install RAdmin Viewer and Server on all of our new systems. I am currently automating this and running it with the argument list /qb! REBOOT=ReallySuppress
this works to do a silent install.

However, when I do this, the start menu icons and add/remove program entries Only show up for the user who ran the install. Other users of the box cannot tell that it is installed.
I tried adding ALLUSERS=1 to the argument list but then it pops up the windows installer dialog box.

How can I get it to show up for All Users?
"Since V2"
Moving License to new Hardware, How to avoid buying new licenses when you switch computers
I have seen many people asking related questions, but I didn't find an exact answer so I will post it my way.
We are wiping PC's and installing Windows 7. If they have an existing RAdmin license, it is gone and their new image needs to be licensed. That consumes a second license. The first is no longer in service. We have a 1000 user and a 500 user license, so it isn't a case of just buying a couple new licenses.
There does not appear to be any way to "unregister" a license. Is there a way we can send you data to get our licenses restored?
We could send you an SMS inventory showing where it is installed to give a current count, but this is an ongoing upgrade process.

If we move to the Activation Server in the future, will this address the issue?
Are there plans to address this in future versions (and if not, is it to late to get it on the wish list)?
User since V2.1
Support for IPV6, Is there planned support for IPV6?
Any plans for adding support for IPV6? We are looking that direction internally. We would like to drop the IPV4 stack eventually.
Suggestion - Different Colors for Computers, On New Release - allow you to set colors for different computers
I have some folders where it would be convenient to have some computers stand out from the others. It would be nice to be able to set the color for different entries (Critical systems in Red, Redundant systems in blue, etc.)

Just a thought.
Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010, We invite you to become a Famatech software beta tester!
Downloaded and tested V2 Beta 2.
Windows 7-64
Installed fine and ran OK when I started it.
The line with the IP address ranges was very confusing since I had my VPN running and had multiple IP adresses. that needs to be cleaned up so it isn't confusing.

Scan ran and resolved the names of local computers incorrectly. I suspect it used the DNS server to pull the IP of the last few users who had connected with those IP's (
It also missed one print server on my subnet. - very disappointing.

I reran the scan and it found the printer the second time, but I shouldn't have to know everything on the network to use the product.
I submitted more thorough results via email.
Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010, We invite you to become a Famatech software beta tester!
Windows 7-64. Running as User, installed and used elevated permissions to install.
Installation appeared to go fine, although I changed the install directory to c:\Program Files (x86)\Utilities\{whatever the default directory it}
Told it to launch after install - crashed

launched from the start menu - crashed
Launched from start menu - run as administrator - crashed

Dump info file:

instance of Win32_Processor
Family = 1;

instance of Win32_OperatingSystem
BuildNumber = "7600";
OSLanguage = 1033;
ProductType = 1;
ServicePackMajorVersion = 0;
ServicePackMinorVersion = 0;
SuiteMask = 272;
Version = "6.1.7600";

instance of Win32_ComputerSystem
Domain = "";
Manufacturer = "Hewlett-Packard";
Model = "HP EliteBook 8730w";
Name = "JFBENG-G1295JE3";
PartOfDomain = TRUE;
UserName = "GENMILLS\\G1295JE";
Please consider, though it´s been discussed before...
I don't get what you are asking for? What do you want them to cache- the user/pwd you log in with?

What we do is create a local RAdmin user group on each machine when we install RAdmin.
Give that group full permissions in the RAdmin security setup.

Add the user you are running at your workstation to this group and when you go to connect- presto - it connects right in.

If you manage your users using domain groups - you simply add that domain group to the RAdmin group and everyone in your group can connect without entering additional credentials.

Of course, once you connect up to the machine you are required to log in. Unless you want them to pass your credentials to the login screen on the remote system...
Can't connect to server running under Win 2003
I am pretty sure you aren't supposed to have both installed on the same server. In the same way that you can't have WTS owning the console at the same time as RAdmin, you can't have RAdmin 2 & 3 installed simultaneously. I would un-install both delete any directories, etc. and install ONLY 3.
Can't connect to server running under Win 2003
We have had this issue with V2 as well as V3. When someone connects with MSTSC with the /console option, it screws up the Radmin server.

You can't connect as long as they maintain the console connection, but file transfer works.

Once they disconnect, you have to restart the Radmin server to be able to connect in.
File List & Location?, Where does RAdmin locate its files?
With RAdmin v2, we ran into issues with Symantec Antivirus treating it as a virus. We moved the files from the windows directory to the program files\radmin directory and created a rule that excluded that.

I don't see any RAdmin files for V3 beta.
1) Can I get a file list & location please?
2) Any issue with moving them similar to V2?

Can't connect to server running under Win 2003
I have seen this on 2003 Servers with Version 2. We tracked it down to someone using Remote Desktop in Console mode. That seems to kill the ability to do a RAdmin connection after that point.

Haven't found a workaround yet - except to get those users to use RAdmin instead and prevent the problem :!:
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