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Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
Well, I'll be one to say that this revelation/flaw/mistake will stop me from waiting any longer for a final version 3. I've reached that point where I throw up my hands to the remote administration gods and just accept that it is time to move on.

For some users I'll use 2.2 until Vista or whatever OS stops it from working, but on most I'll be moving to ******* as our new shop remote program. Not as fast and it has a some bloat, but it works on my Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard) and I can hide the tray icon with the Network Console - free if you sign up for 5 or more computers. I'm only paying a little over $5 per PC per month (much cheaper than ********), and at least I have a realiable product sans hype and last minute switcheroos.

Sure, it concerns me that my firewalls are circumvented, but I'm learning to live with it - especially with remote laptops available anywhere in the world with zero reconfiguration. Thanks, Famatech, for forcing me to try a new product that is lesser than yours only in speed. In all other ways it is superior. I can draw on the remote screen to show a user something and I can print remotely.

Mainly, however, I'm just glad to be away from the carrot I can't reach.

Hope you're subscribed. This post won't be here long. Good luck to everyone with this.

What will be the price of the new version?
I'm wondering if I should go ahead and buy a few more licenses now in case you bump the price once the new version is released. At least I'm honest about trying to save my company some money. :)

Radmin and Symantec AV10.0, SAV 10.0 deletes Remote Admin
PC Anywhere has not been turned into a Virus like RADMIN has.

Radmin is so fast and written so well that, after a few mods, has become a favorite virus. It's a great thing that AV programs pick it up.

Don't be lazy, but the 7 files for Radmin into NAV10's exceptions. And you're Done.

How ridiculous! Since the program works so well that it can be misused, it should be classified as a threat? Great way to reward software that works exactly as described.

A virus? Protect and educate your user base about not clicking on random email attachments that you should be blocking anyway; don't assume the rest of us want our legitimate product tagged as malware. GoToMyPC goes straight through the firewall and is a bigger threat to my environment - you want to tag it as well? I don't. That's why I get paid plenty to do my job - keeping threats off the network through due diligence. What ever happened to monitoring your ports and reading your syslog output? Using Symantec to do that for you is a truer measure of 'lazy,' as you put it.

I suppose you support the bloat of MS and Symantec products? I guess we should rid the world of unix apps like Nmap and Snort since they work well and can be used for nefarious purposes? All lightweight apps should be banned in favor of bloatware! YAY!

You have syslog output - grep it. Why lean on Symantec to decide what is and is not a threat in such a case as this? They should at least offer a 100% method of ignoring this product. The ONE time a new update decides to block it again - some of us are screwed.

Will Radmin Server 3.0 and Symantec Corp Ed. get along?
If that's true, and I hope it is, you will have some *very* happy corporate customers. This is great news!

Please let us know when Symantec has removed Radmin from detection.

Has anyone outside of Famatech contacted Symantec to check the status of this? I'll try to call them soon, but we have only Gold support, and I can't sit on the phone for an hour waiting for a L1 tech to bump me up to L3. Then again, I can't afford to get this wrong, either.

Here's hoping...

Radmin 3.0 Server., Details.
I'll add that this is the best, least bloated remote administration program I've used in the past 10 years as an admin. It just works... even on 64-bit servers and always as expected.

The one and ONLY complaint I wiil ever have - and the one THAT MAY BE THE DOOM OF THE PRODUCT - is that ANTIVIRUS COMPANIES TAG RADMIN AS A THREAT. workarounds are hit or miss. If Famatech doesn't convince Symantec (others have mentioned that legal action for anti-competitive action - i.e. pcanywhere), I'm afraid Famatech will lose more and more business as time goes by.

Sadly, if their product was $350 per license instead of $35 per license, I'd bet we'd not see this problem. Corporate America doesn't like the reasonably priced competition - and I suppose that the reality is that kids who can afford a $35 exploit tool cannot afford a $199 pcanywhere - bloatware or not.

PLEASE, FAMATECH - FIX THIS PROBLEM! I vote that you sue Symantec. That'll get their attention.
Will Radmin Server 3.0 and Symantec Corp Ed. get along?
Before I consider upgrading several dozen machines to the upcoming release, is there any indication on the horizon that AV companies will stop treating the product (or at least the server portion) as a virus/trojan/threat? The current 'fix' from Symantec is not really a viable longterm solution.

PDA support in server 3.0?
Will PDA (or HTML support) be available in the new version?

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