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NT Workstation Support, Does Radmin 2.x or 3.x support server on NT workstation?
Thanks! That's great
NT Workstation Support, Does Radmin 2.x or 3.x support server on NT workstation?
Can anyone tell me if 2.x or 3.x can be set up as a server on NT Workstation?

We have a legacy sniffer unit that has been accessed via a Win 2k gateway but now even that is going away. Since we have approval to keep the sniffer (which runs on NT workstation) I wonder if I can install Radmin directly on the sniffer and do away with the gateway. Unfortunately no approoval for a newer sniffer.
Radmin vs Remote Desktop for Administration (aka Terminal Services), Head to head features comparison
Hi Famatech:

I use and like Radmin. Recently, however there is push back to use Remote Desktop for Administration in its console mode.

Do you have a comparison chart that can show management why I should choose to continue to use Radmin over RDA?
Large numbers of Users, How do helpdesks deal with lots of workstations

We purchased Radmin to control our servers and it works great. So great in fact that the workstation people are saying "Hey our tool is slow and ugly...we need what they've got". For my team adding 120 server's connection info is not a big deal.

But HD is looking at thousands of workstations. How do people manage that many connections? It would slow the HD down if they had to add a new user every time they got a call. Are there ways to consolidate and copy the client station lists?

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