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Let me get this straight..., Radmin 3.0 and Radmin CS 3.0???
Thank you. Next question:

Radmin ("the whole package") will include the RCS/RCC features, right? However, the hierarchy is totally different.
RCS will be installed on one computer and there will be one or more clients conneting to it from different computers.
Radmin's hierarchy is totally different: one client connects to one or more servers; as in, one computer has the Radmin Client, and the rest has Radmin Server.
This is what I scarcely understand. Let me know if I'm right.
Let me get this straight..., Radmin 3.0 and Radmin CS 3.0???
I am having some trouble understanding your products.
So, on one hand we have Radmin Communication Server (CS) 3.0 and on the other hand we have Radmin Server 3.0. What I understand is the following:

Radmin Server 3.0 is the "whole package"; as in, it's a Remote Administration tool that includes a bunch of useful administration features (remote screen/keyboard/mouse, file transfers, etc..) AND ALSO includes the Radmin CS 3.0 features (text/voice chatting, etc.). In other words, RCS is incorporated into Radmin Server 3.0.

Radmin CS 3.0 is only a communication tool that includes features such as voice/text chatting with remote hosts.

Am I right?
If I am, then you have done a terrible job organizating the sections of the site and naming your products. You should have a section called "Products" where you list all your products with their respective description. Also, why are RCS and RCC on version 3.0? Aren't they new products? This is also what makes me think RCS, RCC, and Radmin Server/Client are pretty much the same thing.

My intentions are far from offending any of the developers/webmasters, as I am only seeking for comprehension of this subject. I have noticed several users suffering from the same confusion as me... so this should help make things clear for everyone.
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