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Thanks for a great product
Just want to thank you for saving me hours of windshield time traveling between schools. This product has pais for itself many times over. But one question - how soon can we expect the keyboard and mouse lockout?
We need a central control console to enable us to change parameters on client machines. For example, I need to be able to change the password on 200 of 650 machines today. Can you put in a console where I can control such functions from one location? Be worth buying as a separate feature.
Icon loader
To help load the icons into the viewer, it sure would be nice to have a utility that could read the network neighborhood and add an icon for each item into the viewer. We have radmin on every machine and loading them all into the viewer is a pain. A lot to ask but a script may be able to do it. That is far, far beyond my programming ability.
Radmin Need to have admin rights to instal, By pass Admin Passward & firewall
I sure hope not. If you don't have administrator rights, why are you installing Radmin?
little tightening up desired
I would like to see the server settings page passworded so if an intruder does get in he can't stop the logging. Also, be able to hide the log somewhere as a hidden file. The log definitely needs to be able to log accesses with ip numbers so if the security is compromised the machine can be traced. I work in a school district and have around a 1000 "helpers" trying to break security in whatever way they can.
[ Closed] A practical wish..., mass load servers
Thanks a million (keystrokes) for the help. The registry export/import did the trick.
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