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Iphone Client
iphone , ipad ,android, mobile pc, mobile phone
id like to see a java enabled cliant can login to a sight / app and connect remotely to someone. i do like the standalone cliant thats great for ez running on pc. would be cheaper than everyone getting a notebook (200dollars or so)
unauthorized access, how safe are we from prying eyes
In order for someone to use radmin to view/control/access My PC
u need server installed on your pc theres no thunb driver version
view/control/access it even if I do not have any form of radmin installed but they do?
theres a thumbdrive version of cliant it dont require install
size 10, 10 to20mb install
i was thinking radmin starting to get to be a big file i thought maybe for those who dont want comunication server to leave out the comunication server. maybe have multiple check boxs when installing. some people dont like the video hook driver interfering with direct draw of video game or software that used that.
just wanted to see options during install more or less.

server Xmb
comuncation server Xmb
videohookdriver (if extreame problem uncheck) Xmb
install extras (ipscanner files and so on)
Beta Version Trial, Simultaneous multiple connections
im reading the ordering overview posted above and thinking you can buy the licence right now *maybe* but at top of page still says active upgreade will be 30 days after release date *if i buy new licence will varification server be running*
Suggestion, Toolbar
ya i would love to use radmin everyday normal use but if u dont have access to the router to map it to your computer it makes it pointless for me to have radmin especially if im always on wireless with no way the owners going to give me access to wendys router to open a port to my pc I was holding out for that feature of call back because it was in the greyed out in the beta
radmin and vista
I just wanted to say congrats on getting winows vista digital signiture on radmin 3.0 according to your update on your news and i cant wait to see what improvements that might bring and stuff like that.....but iv heard only 10% ruffly of computers can even run vista because i heard it had a big demand on pc also wondering if anyone has ran radmin on vista even....... i mean the digital sig was same date vista was released.
"The final release of Radmin 3.0 is scheduled on October."
i dusted off my credit card wanting to buy a copy of 3.0 and nothing on sight......i know there you all went out and stuff to meet the team but could we see some kinda progress......make a video of whats changed..something is better than nothing i dont use radmin for busness just for fun once in a wile but ones who do like affialites that promote your sight .....ooh one more thing can u guys update those radmin testimonials there reading same ones over and over is borring
Simple request, Request for file transfer
if that is a issue hope radmin final will do this number
C:\my documents\dd\aa then next line make it down to the line maybe put some dots after aa but radmin should show the entire thing so radmin cant be blamed for lost files because C:\my..d..a would be way too short also if i accept a file or for help desks using radmin adding new files for upgrades to software would question creditbilty of help desk assistance
Dirty Install V3 B2 over V3 B2 breaks WinXP Pro taskbar, When installing Beta3 over the top of Beta2, WinXP Pro looses taskbar
you may want to scann for virus on your hard drive make sure you dont download from unknown sights trying to get the best buy.....
Video Record Remote Screen ?!
there is a program out there that will record your desktop screen from its a simple program that saves to .avi only also records audio radmin dont need to have too meny features to slow it down
Call back function in Beta 2?
the call back is greyed out in the server
you click start server then at your task bar right click on the server icon it will say "send message to callback"
i just installed the new beta 2 of radmin wanted to try it out then tryed to self connect then i got response of server past please register pops me to register screen i dont know if this is side affect of last beta being 90day limit i did knotice the backwards to 2.2 nice job on that
Client 3.0 beta does not work with 2.2 and 2.1 server
older beta works with radmin2.2 but they used a new video hook driver let them work on one problem at a time :)
Simultaneous Connections, Is there a limit of 3 connections in v3.0b?
this could be because of the new vidio hook driver bug there is a few of bugs to be worked out
Essential that radmin get off the malware lists
i just got a brand new virus,firewall,spyware,popup blocker,stealth web surfer in a value pack for 40dollars first i was worried that it kill radmin but there is nothing blocking or stopping maybe you need to update your av stuff i even downloaded a few free scanner for virus nothing detected it maybe the popular av people are just stuck-up about radmin to remove it
older copy works with 2.2
anyone realize older beta of radmin3.0beta works with 2.2 for all those who needs a copy of that heres a link off they limited transfers so here u go

or you might be able to find it on the websight
RADMIN v3.0 Beta 2 ?, Second BETA release
as bugs get reported and they have time lol :)
Call Back Function, One very useful function
if the router calls back on both sides the only thing people would need is the real ip still to connect right?
now that the new beta version has disable for full control with a movie player i found for moves suporting mkv files that plays movies in walpaper but it requires a ghz to run i would love to see if works with radmin good or not
Radmin v3 Beta - Remove how to tray icon
for all who wants hide icon your stuck at 2.2 and want to use 3.0 beta work backwards to 2.2 download the older version
Call Back Function, One very useful function
i love having 2 firewalls one built in to my laptop windows xp and one behind the wireless router so far only thing ez to use is comuincation cliant on radmin websight call back feature is a wonderful thing to do to compeat with instant messanger programs like yahoo that works around firewall in router every program you use comes with pros and cons if you think there is too meny cons to this program find some other program please.....
Importing phone book from OLD Beta Viewer to NEW Viewer
the phone book works fine if you go from 2.2 to 3.0 well i said no then yes to the second time located a file opened a file it inported one from 2.2 but i dont use this program for buiznes just 4 fun
for all the people upgreaded and 3.0 to 2.2 work backwards not working heres a link for going back to this beta only limited number of downloads 7day max
ill keep uploading older copy once a day

please note this is just for people to go back to last beta
to help with upgreading to new version :)

or download on sight
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
what does FFX and Radmin Have in common???
Give up they both took 3 to 4 years to make :D
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
i agree im seein more and more info on keepin us uptodate on the sight way to go
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
next week cheers......
What will be the price of the new version?
*All users who purchased Radmin 2.x before March 31, 2006 are entitled to a free upgrade. After March 31, 2006 new users with Radmin 2.2 can purchase the upgrade to RADMIN version 3.0 for a special discounted fee.(copyed from sight)

well its after anyone tryed to get this at discounted fee?
chat w/radmin
im bord

just wanted to do to see how meny people use radmin
chat on the radmin sight to test out voice quality or how meny people use it on there office network :)
Question about product, Administering
it moves the mouse when you take control of pc and the user at pc can see mouse move
keep us, tell us whats new
i know lot of people been waiting for about 3 years for a good release of the program but we need to know what you guys changed in the new version of radmin dont keep us guess "will this or will this be in the version"
give us what new page on the sight give us bug changes page you know "fix this or fixed that"
or put in new ecription key change or something like
we had problems today with chat server upgread

dont just leave us in the ***** keep us informed like testing radmin on server.....xp or 2000 today tell us how it went or complication in run time 2 or still testing out call back feature,
do another beta test have us test it for you open up bug forum so people dont double report error or setup a bug report server

love program long time personal fan...but i would like to see some kinda new report or ***** on this program u know

email me at for good stuff iv got.....
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