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hmm you using radmin 2.2 on the pc you want to control because radmin 3.0 isnt fully released yet you still can use radmin 3.0 on the viewer side but in order for pc to be controled you need radmin 2.2 thats why its still offerd on the web sight
name confused, radmin comunication server
hope on final release of radmin 3.0 comunication
you guys make it force you to put in your name
just had conversation with 2 user and gess what
there names were lol thats right


now im jay like that name but confused me when
tryed to talk about one topic with one person
and another person wanted to know about why
isnt this connecting disabled firewall on both pc
only thought was router wirewall was killing connection

my main question is are you guys planing on making
auto name box b4 entering chat anytime soon
probly help with helpdesks
chat rooms, i would like to see a few live chats
is there anyone that does a great help desk using this program
anyone ....... no takers lol well have fun with the program all
chat rooms, i would like to see a few live chats
iv see some people like the idea of a server that people can chat on about radmin 3 i also liked to thank radmin for comming
out with the software for a ip chat room where you can chat without a overloaded server like yahoo or any of those cliants
chat rooms, i would like to see a few live chats
well iv thought it be nice to chat live with people i mean radmin did make chat software to use so lets open up a chat room once in a wile or users just post out ip for there chat software to host a few ill try to post one every day because i got a lot of free time i want to see a few people in there so ill try to open one at 2pm eastern time

im on mercora music chat
beta diffence?
i dont see too much diffence between beta and the current release is it just bugs work out i also want to compair beta anyone have it on there pc i know it works fine on my direct connect to my tower pc or email at my email at
global hot key, paltalk has global hot key
just wanted to see if you guys were thinking about adding this because i knoticed that when you switch to a different screen you cant use voice chat screen making the program more of a hassle if your trying to remote control and you got to keep switching between the two screens

so far paltalk dont work offline so you guys still got a one up on them but it would be nice to see it in the final or comming up versions
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Radmin 3.5

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