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Feature request: connect to a pc behind a router/firewall
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
It will be solved completely in our next release.
Which release do you mean? 4.0? ;)

Edited: boisbleu - 18.02.2009 02:34:17
Feature request: connect to a pc behind a router/firewall
That's the most important thing I'm thinking about. Today most of the people have a broadband internet connection and using a router to connect to the internet. So why should I use a software like radmin (i'm already using it for years) anymore? I need a solution to connect to a pc behind a router - but without configuring the router/firewall.

Most people are far away from me and it is impossible to tell them via telephone how to configure the router, so that I can connect to them. That's your part Famatech. If you want to survive on this market you have to build a solution that removes this lack. If you don't want to build such a solution I must use another software that brings all the features I need.

That's my very private opinion!

Cheers Tom
Edited: boisbleu - 30.07.2008 01:21:15
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Radmin 3.5

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