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Topic: «RAdmin port, Configurable port for RAdmin» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
11/01/2010 01:01:03
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The problem is not to know/find the port. The problem is that launching RAdmin viewer from the ip-scanner does not work, since it expects the remote computer to be listening on the default port.
10/28/2010 00:19:09
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The icon in front of the machines - as the ones in RAdmin viewer - I would assume that a green, checked ikon would confirm that RAdmin was ready to answer.

However, I'm not able to launch RAdmin on these (even though I know RAdmin is active). Does it only check for the default port? I can't find a way to set "default" port. If it detects that RAdmin is active - why not also detect on which port?
(I use different port because there is malware specialized on using RAdmin default port.)
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Topic: «The suggested syntax...» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
10/28/2010 00:22:04
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The (grayed) was confusing in the beginning... since it is not selectable, and is not a net I use here. After a while I understood that it only was a guite to syntax.
Is it really need for a "help" when the network should be detected automaticly?
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Topic: «Manufacturer based on mac» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
10/28/2010 00:20:28
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Since the mac is read out - why not also link this to the manufacturer (a mapping table). If unknown computers are listed - that may give a hint on what brand of equipment is there. Easier than having to google it.
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