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RAdmin port, Configurable port for RAdmin
The problem is not to know/find the port. The problem is that launching RAdmin viewer from the ip-scanner does not work, since it expects the remote computer to be listening on the default port.
The suggested syntax...
The (grayed) was confusing in the beginning... since it is not selectable, and is not a net I use here. After a while I understood that it only was a guite to syntax.
Is it really need for a "help" when the network should be detected automaticly?
Manufacturer based on mac
Since the mac is read out - why not also link this to the manufacturer (a mapping table). If unknown computers are listed - that may give a hint on what brand of equipment is there. Easier than having to google it.
RAdmin port, Configurable port for RAdmin
The icon in front of the machines - as the ones in RAdmin viewer - I would assume that a green, checked ikon would confirm that RAdmin was ready to answer.

However, I'm not able to launch RAdmin on these (even though I know RAdmin is active). Does it only check for the default port? I can't find a way to set "default" port. If it detects that RAdmin is active - why not also detect on which port?
(I use different port because there is malware specialized on using RAdmin default port.)
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