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Radmin is the Best Solution for First Service Credit Union


covering efficiency and security

First Service is a U.S. member-owned and full-service credit union. First Service provides savings and checking accounts, money market funds, certificates of deposit, and other financial services for 35,000 members. It has 30 locations in Houston, Texas and over 2000 locations across the United States.

First Service’s IT department has 80 employees in 10 locations. The department uses a frame relay environment for communication with branch locations at the credit union’s data center. It has 12 Win2K3 servers and 2 AIX boxes that serve around 100 workstations using Windows XP and Windows 2000.

The credit union tried another remote administration product, but was disappointed in the results. The product repeatedly broke the network connection and ran extremely slowly at some branch locations communicating over a low bandwidth. First Service needed a solution that would give reliable service and was easy to use.

First Service chose Radmin because of its exceptionally high quality of performance and security, and its ease of use. Radmin uses military-grade security standards to protect data from interception and illegal access. Unlike other remote control programs, Radmin does not require complicated procedures to complete normal tasks. The credit union’s IT support team can now work efficiently, quickly, and reliably with any remote computer in its system, and there is no need for IT staff to spend a lot of time visiting remote locations in person to keep the system running.

“Radmin is a solid, reliable tool that gives you some extra options that come in handy.”
Michael Beagles
System administrator for First Service

One valuable Radmin feature is that it runs on low bandwidth. Several credit union locations do not require a full T1 connection to do their daily work, and it was really hard to do remote desktop support using First Service’s old solution over a slow connection. Now the credit union has improved service efficiency and uptime while saving time and money by supporting all of their workstation computers remotely. Switching to Radmin has improved system reliability, customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

Both IT and general credit union staff have appreciated the minimal learning curve that made switching to Radmin quick and easy. This reduced work disruption during switchover and increased staff confidence in the system.

The main principle of Radmin’s architecture is that you can manage the remote PC as if you were in front of it. Every keyboard click and mouse movement you make transfers directly to the remote computer.

Radmin incorporates the most secure remote access solution possible. It employs 128-bit encryption for all data streams. With its IP-filter table you can forbid remote access for specific groups of addresses.

First Service Credit Union and its IT department are highly satisfied with Radmin because of its high performance, functionality, unprecedented speed, ease of use, and security.

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