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Radmin: the Right Solution for Smithfield Foods


covering efficiency, performance and productivity

Agri Plus is a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork processing company worldwide. Having a number of divisions in Poland, Agri Plus is engaged in pork production and supplies. Transport and logistic abilities of the company allows them to sell considerable volumes of production in the shortest time possible and that is what defines the company’s stable market position.

As for IT department of Agri Plus, its work is complicated by the territorial peculiarities of the organization. Technical support of more than 70 employees and 3 remote offices can demand considerable expenses of time and resources. The common problem of technical support service and IT is to provide correct and effective usage of the corporate ERP system by the employees of remote offices.

Among all remote control solutions Agri Plus has chosen Radmin by Famatech. The company uses it at the corporate level and Radmin helps to solve the problem of remote computer maintenance. Radmin is valued by system administrators for its high speed, ease-of-use, friendly interface and reliable security system.

The most valuable feature of Radmin is the accuracy and precision of remote screen visualization. All mouse clicks and keyboard manipulations are transferred right to the screen of remote computer. The system administrator, sitting at a local computer screen, gets an impression of sitting at each remote computer, one after another.

According to tests, Radmin outperforms all other remote control systems. To work with this software, one doesn’t need to have a fast network connection. The employees in the IT department of Agri Plus now have an opportunity to work remotely so long as they are connected to the Internet or Local Area Network (LAN).

Radmin is considered to be the most secure remote control software. State-of-the-art security algorithms protect all the transferred data from illegal access and interception. All of the user/administrator actions are recorded into a log-file. A special IP-filter table restricts the access to specific IP-addresses and networks.

System administrators of Agri Plus have a positive opinion concerning Radmin: they appreciate the functionality of the solution and the simplicity of its application. Problems of technical support are solved as they arise with no delays and thus do not affect the working process. With Radmin, the time and efforts of Agri Plus’ IT department are saved by implementing a high performance, feature-smart remote access and control solution. The purpose-critical functionality of Radmin enables a stable and dependable remote administration eco system and all of these successes and newly created value is done so affordably. 

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