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Radmin controls a British Manufacturing Company’s IT-infrastructure


covering reliability, performance and efficiency

Richard Burbidge Group is a leading supplier to the DIY (“do-it-yourself”) sector and construction industry. Among its products are stair balustrading systems, laminate flooring, covers for radiators and other materials. The company’s philosophy is based on bringing stylish transformations to homes and gardens and combining the traditional appeal of natural materials with modern design and lifestyles. The main office of the company is situated in Oswestry (United Kingdom); other offices are in Chirk (North Wales) and Dublin (Ireland). The number of employees in Richard Birbidge is 600.

Effective and timely control over a large company’s IT infrastructure is one of the main ways to business success and enterprise’s well-being. Richard Burbidge Group has a very distributed infrastructure, including 12 Windows-based servers and 180 workstations (PCs and laptops). 180 IT specialists, working at 3 locations responsible for the support of the enterprise infrastructure.

The larger and more distributed the computer campus is, the more difficult it is to control the work of servers, workstations, equipment and software as the number of errors, breakdowns and equipment contention increases. Companies have different approaches to the problem of support and administration: they can hire system administrators or make use of technical support services.

“Very often to solve end-user’s issues or to familiarize the new employee with some program, our technicians had to travel to remote offices and it took them a remarkable amount of time. One IT specialist had to receive several phone calls and e-mail letters to solve multiple problems”.
Kevin Williams, the network manager of Richard Birbridge.

The difficulty of remote workstations support led IT specialists to solve the problem of control over the IT infrastructure. Helpdesk technicians had to spend much time to visit remote users in case they had problems with software and hardware. This caused significant delays in business processes and had a negative impact on performance. The way out that Kevin Williams and his colleagues saw was to implement remote control software that could allow the specialist to administer servers and workstations with minimum physical presence.

The IT department of Richard Birbridge had difficulty supporting Windows-based workstations and had to conduct research to find the appropriate remote control solution. Finally the IT specialists chose one solution and worked with it for a certain period of time but it had negative points: slow speed, complicated interface, and many useless value-added features. Soon afterward, Kevin Williams decided to try another tool.

Kevin Williams said that he was surfing the internet and came across the information about Radmin. He downloaded the trial version from Famatech’s web-site and was impressed by the way this program worked.

”I decided to try the program on fulfilling real tasks and then installed it on one of our machines. I was really impressed by its unprecedented speed and rich functionality. When I told my colleagues about the solution, we began implementing Radmin”.
Kevin Williams, the network manager of Richard Birbridge.

The results of Famatech’s investigation show that Radmin is used in a significant number of large companies with a distributed IT infrastructure or a “branched” Network.  For most of the corporate users, the prevailing features of Radmin are its high speed of work, maximum level of data protection, and ease of implementation.

Tests have proven that Radmin works hundreds of times faster than other remote controls. The rate of screen updates per second is rather high even with slow connection as the program does not require channel capacity increase. There is no need for an IT-specialist to travel to remote user’s workplace – it is enough just to connect to his computer and to solve the problem. Such approach is more effective than long descriptions of the problem over e-mail or phone.

Another critically important feature for a remote control is its security system. While transmitting data over the network the end user should be confident that it should be reliably protected from any kind of alteration, illegal access and interception. There are many tools, providing data protection: antivirus, antispyware, firewalls, and built-in security tools for operation systems. Radmin is a multi-functional solution, combining functions of remote access and control and security. The security system of the program integrates innovative tools for reliable data protection: modern encryption tools prevent incorrect server configuration, IP-filter table, which restricts access from separate IP-addresses and networks.

To work with Radmin, the user does not need to have any special skills. The program is easy to use even for inexperienced users IT specialists of Richard Birbridge often use Radmin to explain to new employees how to work with the software. The possibility to train users without the need to leave their workplace saves significant time for technicians.

According to Kevin Williams’ words, “end users are happy that our IT department can provide them with a fast and secure remote control solution.  The implementation of Radmin helped to remarkably save time and costs by providing IT specialists a high-value remote access solution for their workplaces”.

Key benefits of Radmin implementation in IT infrastructure of Richard Birbridge Group:

Optimization of business-processes - The ability to control a computer desktop and applications without the need for a technician to travel to the remote user’s workplace, allowing for a much more efficient work environment.

Effective remote training - The IT specialist does not need to be present at the employee’s workplace to explain to him the features of new software. All the trainer has to do is connect to the remote computer and demonstrate the applications to be trained on.

Radmin at a Glance

Optimizing Business IT workflow:

  • Manage remote computers from anywhere in the world
  • Full-featured remote access and control features and tools
  • Increase the effect of business processes
  • Reliably protect user’s data

Key Benefits:

  • High speed of work
  • Maximum security standards
  • Low overhead doesn’t require high bandwidth
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ease-of-use

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