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IT Consult Eichhofer GmbH


covering productivity, efficiency and security

IT Consult Eichhofer GmbH is an IT support company founded in 1999 by specialists in IT sphere. The company quickly obtained a leading position on the market and to date IT Consult Eichhofer GmbH successfully cooperate with first-rate industrial organizations. The company provides a wide range of IT services, technology solutions and managed services to leading corporate organizations from telecommunication and banking fields to the state administration.

The solution is used in the IT department by only three employees. It causes remarkable cost-savings on staff and workplaces and increases capacity for work. They do Helpdesk service for end-user technical support. The use of Radmin improves the effectiveness of IT specialists, minimizing both response time and duration of replies. Innovative communication technologies allow IT specialists to connect to the remote computers to see first hand what the situation is and at the same time to communicate with the end user about what is found.

With Radmin, the company supports approximately 50 customers in 3 different companies. Radmin is an irreplaceable assistant for Helpdesk staff, as it allows to increase the effectiveness of technical support, to connect to remote computers from a unified technical center and as a result, to minimize the expenses on tech support staff.

“We need a quick and safe way to take control of our customer’s desktops to help them solve their computer problems. By means of Radmin’s highest security level of data protection it provides the IT-department with all necessary requirements.”
Fritjof Eichhofer
Head of IT Consult Eichhofer GmbH

Another important feature of Radmin which the IT specialists greatly appreciate is the high speed and performance of the product and how users can work at the remote computer as if they were sitting right in front of it. The image of the remote computer screen is transferred to the user without any delays and artifacts. Even a 56K modem is fast enough to provide a proper speed of screen updates (100-500 per second). The user does not need to increase the bandwidth, as Radmin works even at a very low one or with slow Internet connection.

The IT department is also satisfied with high security standards of Radmin. The specialists mark the way server is protected by password as Radmin Server protects the settings, which are stored in the system registry. Therefore, only the user with administrator’s rights can have access to this registry branch.

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