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Vietnam Airlines implements Radmin


covering high performance and functionality.

The history of Vietnam Airlines Corporation began in 1956. The first international route was to Beijing, followed by Vientiane in 1976 and Bangkok in 1978. In April 1989, the airline was established as a state enterprise, and in 1996 Vietnam Airlines Corporation was formed, bringing together several service companies with the airline at its core. In April 2001, Vietnam Airlines increased the frequency of flights between Vietnam's most popular domestic destinations. The newest domestic route, launched in early 2002, runs between Ho Chi Minh City and central city of Vinh.

Vietnam Airlines' service quality has continuously improved to meet passenger demands. The company launched a business class upgrade program in September 1996, a new frequent flyer program - Golden Lotus Plus in December 1999, a new automatically check-in system - Departure Control System in 2000. With 24 branch offices and thousands agents worldwide, Vietnam Airlines is an increasingly convenient option for travel to and from Asia. In September 1999 Vietnam Airlines was licensed as a tour operator.

The IT department of Vietnam Airlines Corporation includes 6000 employees, working in 40 domestic offices, situated in 3 domestic and 19 overseas regions. Domestic offices are in many towns of Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Mihn, and Danang. Foreign representations of the company are in Australia, Czech Republic, France, Germany and many other countries. The equipment of the IT department includes servers, workstations and networks. There are about 200 Windows-based servers, about 20 HP-UX-based servers and about 10 servers, based on other operation systems, for example, OS400 and Linux enterprise Server 3. IT department of the company also works with 4500 Windows-based workstations. LAN and WAN networks support internet connection.. LAN networks use client access. The bandwidth is 100 MbPs with 1 GB fiber switch trunk (a special line, that connects between switches in LAN). The LAN is divided into 30 virtual subnets. Each subnet is used by one of several departments, so this kind of approach causes a remarkable reduction of LAN traffic. The traffic of WAN also reduces, as the data packets sent between hosts are not transferred to hosts of other subnets. WAN networks with frame relay more than 10 Mbps, 64K leased line and VPN based on ADSL.

The basic task of the IT department is to provide the employees with quick, high-quality and timely support. In connection with this, the administration of the company’s IT department has one basic clear demand to the remote control tools: remote administration software should be set up at every remote computer and provide a proper level of online training and support.

“Our department works with products of some of the world’s leading software companies. For example, to re-install software on the remote computer, we used Remote Installation Service from Microsoft and Norton Ghost by Symantec. Before implementing Radmin we utilized Microsoft Solutions, such as Remote Desktop Connection or Terminal Service for remote administration issues. Somewhere our specialists still use other remote control products for centralized system administration, but they are rather expensive or have many extra “not-so-value-added” features, which can complicate even the simplest issues. The main challenges of other remote administration products were either their high cost or their non-friendly interface.”
Nguen Hong Viet,
Database Administration & System Section Manager

The main reasons why Vietnam Airlines implemented Radmin into their IT department are its high performance and rich functionality.

“The main aim of our department is to realize an effective and high-quality technical support for remote employees. Since our specialists have implemented Radmin, we have a compact and non-expensive tool for effective remote administration”.
Nguen Hong Viet

The main advantages of Radmin are its high speed and ease of use. The user does not need to obtain any special skills to work with it. The corporate policy of Vietnam Airlines provides online training for working with new software, as with the implementation of any new product the employees are not familiar with it. With Radmin, the IT department has a unique opportunity to correct errors and solve problems directly, without any delays and pauses.

For working in a network there is no need to increase bandwidth.  Radmin can easily be adapted to the existing one. High performance is possible due to remarkably efficient network traffic consumption. When the user accesses the remote PC by using Radmin, the program occupies minimum CPU (Central Processor Usage). There is a remarkable amount of CPU power remaining for users to do other things on their PCs. The company’s IT specialists of Vietnam Airlines hold to an opinion that, since the implementation of Radmin, they have had an opportunity to work a much-welcomed, real-time speed at the remote PC.

Another important factor to consider when choosing remote access and control tool is the security system. The IT department of Vietnam Airlines constantly reminds the users that they should use passwords to protect their PC’s. From this point of view, the basic technological advantage of Radmin security system is that the password cannot be transferred through the network. It is impossible to guess a password to access Radmin Server and it would take tens of man-hour years to compromise the security system. Radmin security also does not allow empty passwords. It has the ability to protect the settings in the system registry. Only those userswho have administrative rights can have an access to this registry branch.

Key Advantages of Radmin

High speed - Radmin requires very little bandwidth or central processor resources of the computer and therefore, the remote access and control of computers work several times faster.

Reliability - Radmin provides a high level of protection for all data transmitted. The program code of Radmin is reliably protected from illegal access and reverse engineering.  Radmin Security system protects not only user’s data, but also its own.

Economic effect - With the implementation of Radmin the IT Department of Vietnam Airlines has remarkably reduced the cost of specialists’ traveling. There is no need to send staff to remote offices for training. To send employees to overseas offices it costs from $500 to $2000, and for domestic offices the price is $100.

Remarkable time savings - The use of Radmin helps to remarkably save personnel l time and the time of implementation. Now, online-support service in Vietnam Airlines includes 4 employees for all offices at the same time.

Acceptable price - Radmin costs several times less than other remote control solutions. Many other solutions had high licensing costs and this was one of the major challenges for the IT department of Vietnam Airlines.

The IT department of Vietnam Airlines has a very positive opinion of Radmin. According to the words of Nguen Hong Viet, this program is “the fastest, most reliable and the most available remote control solution on the market.  The effect of work in the IT department depends on how fast a specialist can answer remote user’s request. In my mind, Radmin successfully fulfills this function”.

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